Caning Merit Badge

Film (59:21 mins) with 90 screengrabs
Pandora is bent over on the bed, while Thomas takes down her underwear

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Tom and I were getting ready for our weekly Wednesday night date. This was the time when we would deal with any punishments arising from our domestic discipline arrangement, in which he was helping me keep track of my exercise routine. I’d just come out of the bath when he came in to ask if I’d be interested in setting up my camera and recording some of our play … and mentioned that he had in mind a rather more extended scene than I might usually expect on a weeknight.

The premise was based on Tom giving me the chance to earn another merit badge. At the start of this year my friends at Kinky Merit Badges gave my boyfriends a sample of each of their initial set of badges, and asked me to blog about earning them. So far, D had orchestrated opportunities to bestow the Spanking and Bondage badges, but I hadn’t yet earned any from Tom. I knew that in order to earn a badge something unusually dramatic would be required of me, and given how hard Tom and I like to play in the usual course of things, I was more than a little nervous.

We also made the decision not to ignore the camera, but to engage with it in a sort of candid “video diary” way. This massively reduced the faff level and allowed us to focus on each other. Unfortunately, we couldn’t turn off the server running in Tom’s room, so there’s some mechanical whine in this which I wasn’t able to remove completely. Definitely something I want to try to avoid in future.

This film does not have high production values, nor an ambitious storyline. But it does include scenes of genuine, candid intimacy, romance, dominance and submission; and real punishment as part of a real life domestic discipline arrangement, including some honest and unrehearsed negotiation.

And it’s action packed, too: 39 strokes of the bath brush (that was the DD punishment), followed by an extended, dreamy D/S session in which I flew my way happily and willingly through a hundred hard strokes of the cane, working up from one of our medium canes to one of the heaviest and thickest in our collection; then twenty strokes with a light whippy cane on my nipples (bizarrely, one of the hardest things I have taken on camera, bringing me nearly to tears – and you can see it all on my face; I was too embarrassed to watch those bits while I was editing!) followed by thirty hard strokes of the razor strop, at my request. By the end my bottom was welted, bruised and thoroughly punished, and I was basking in the blissful, languid relaxation of someone who’s just received one hell of a spanking.

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23 Responses

  1. I learned several things from this video clip:
    I like Tom’s style of topping.
    You have a cute bottom.
    You have an attractive and very placid cat. I wish mine was as quiet when I play and he she in the room.

    Fred 🙂

  2. Oh, this is such a lovely post! I’m probably looking forward to this film more than any of the others. Consensual, enthusiastic, erotic and joyful D/S scenes are exactly where much of my kink lies. And you and Tom are so *very* pretty. 🙂

    I’m wondering whether, once I’ve recovered a bit more of my kink energy, kinky merit badges might be something I should invest in. Some for the Magician to give me, some for me to give the Warrior. Especially the former, as for me a lot of the satisfaction I find in submission comes from receiving and meeting a challenge. It’s no wonder that, when I can manage it, doing fitness stuff presses a lot of the same buttons. 🙂

  3. The first time I watched the preview I missed the bit where Tom gives your cat a quick stroke before resuming with the bath brush. I just love that. 🙂

  4. Hello and thankyou! I like Tom’s style of topping too, so that’s convenient really. And yes, my cat is absolutely the star of this one. She’s a fairly placid (read: lazy) creature usually, and she has grown very used to my strange bedroom antics over the years 🙂

  5. So pleased to be stimulating your interest! Although I’m also hoping that some of the F/M stuff presses your buttons as well, since you were one of the first people I talked to about that particular gap in the market.

    I very much approve of you obtaining/earning kinky merit badges. (And yes: challenges are awesome!) I think they’re about to launch a new set before Christmas, too 🙂

  6. Thank you. I was very entertained that the cat chose to be an implement dragon and, with the whole bed to choose from, went and slept on the array of canes. Daft animal. But she was fairly calm about me stealing her bed.

  7. I enjoyed this but i feel that the award should have gone to Tom, after all it is he who has had to deal with that recalcitrant girl, one only has to look at her pretty face and bottom to realise that she must be guilty of something, but the hard work was done by Tom for her good and society in general.

    I have written to the standing committee for the New years Honours list with a recommendation that Tom be elevated to the peerage, but of course he must choose the name of his title.

    Any suggestions?

  8. The applause is very much appreciated, but she’s a good girl really.

    Wrt titles, I suspect I don’t deserve one. All I do is hit things … oh, wait, that’s how the aristocracy got their titles anyway, isn’t it! Joking aside, it’s Pandora who does the hard work in this kind of scene. There’s skill in what I do, but it’s nothing like as arduous as what the wonderful bottoms I’m privileged to work with go through to please us all.

  9. Fair enough. As I say, we opted for not moving the camera in order to maintain the atmosphere of a private scene without interruption… but once I have two cameras, the effect will be massively improved even before we start doing this sort of scene with crew.

  10. The other aspect to moving the model rather than the camera here is that the room we were shooting in really didn’t have any floor space at all, and was very, very hard to move around in. Any attempt to move a camera would have involved moving furniture; and this wasn’t a shoot, it was my date night. We put a camera in front of it because we wanted people to be able to see behind the bedroom door, as it were; but we set things up so as to facilitate a strong scene, rather than an artistic film.

  11. I thought this scene captured the intimacy of the situation wonderfully. For myself, I would like to see more of this slower, more sensual approach on spanking sites. My only (small) reservation is that I would have enjoyed seeing more of you facing the camera, since that really did draw the viewer in.

    This is my first post on your site, so let me say that it looks to have the makings of something special. Good luck with it.

  12. Thankyou slideman! I’m glad you enjoyed this video. Next time I will definitely use more of the face shot, but I only had the idea of moving me relative to the camera halfway through 🙂 I’m glad it worked.

  13. You certainly deserve your merit badge, well earned. I love the way your cat just dozed through it all, right up until the tawse came into play!

  14. Thankyou very much, but I agree: my cat is totally the star of this one!

  15. I really found this deeply erotic. I love it when a woman simply has to flex her leg when a stroke causes a particularly intense sensation of pain & Pandora has to do this more than once in her 100…
    I wondered whether restraint, which would not allow you this movement to help dissipate the pain, would heighten the experience for you, or whether this would actually restrict the enjoyment you were so evidently receiving?

  16. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    In some scenarios, particularly judicial/punishment scenarios, restraint can really enhance an experience. But the idea of this one was that I would be strong enough to take it well and bravely without having to be restrained. Self-control is a wholly different sort of submission.

    I could have stayed still a lot more, but that would have made a much less interesting video, so he didn’t feel the need to tell me to do so. If a spanking is for pleasure, I find that being able to express myself vocally and physically definitely enhances my enjoyment.

  17. I enjoyed this film and is the type I like.The sensuality of it was great along with the severity of the caning and as you gave the viewer full view of your caned bottom it was obvious Thomas did not hold back.I have to mention the caning you took on your breasts and nipples was awsome.That is something I’ve not seen before.More please of that style of film please.

  18. This is such a fabulous film….the look of ecstasy on Pandora’s face close to the camera around the 60 cane count as the cane is coming down on her gorgeous derriere is just so hot, it’s enough to get anyone’s juices flowing……..pure genius.

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