Boarding School Birching

Film (9:23) with 48 photographs
Preview image for Birching. Michael Darling bends over, with his hands on a chair, bare bottom exposed to take the birch from Thomas Cameron. Both are wearing Victorian style clothing

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As the son of the Headmaster, Michael is the only one left at school after all the other boys have gone home. He's finished his school career now, and his preparing to leave for university. However, his father has one last surprise in store. Michael is summoned, and told he will be punished again for a prank during term – for which he and the others have already been caned. His father refused to give Michael any special treatment during his time at school, but he has always had higher expectations of his own boy. Now term is over, the Head proposes to punish Michael again for his misdemeanour; this time, not as a schoolboy, but as a man who should know better. As such, it won't be the cane again, but the instrument of judicial correction which Thomas himself endured as a boy: the birch.

Photography: Pandora Blake

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Boarding School Birching - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the filming of Boarding School Birching, including scene planning and dialogue discussion, filming a cutaway of Mike rubbing his bum, Mike’s reactions to the birch, brushing bits of birch off Mike’s welted bottom, Tom forgetting how many strokes he’d promised, and Pandora manouvering herself into weird positions to get the face shots!



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Michael Darling

Halfway through Michael’s first ever spanking shoot, he chats to Pandora about the experience of working with Dana, his interest in age play, the decision to shave on camera and what he thought of the scenes filmed so far.

17 Responses

  1. I watched this video late last night, and have been thinking about it since. I couldn’t wait to be able to watch it again today. Man he is so brave Michael. I can’t believe how well he is taking that. It looks like that birching really hurts a lot, and he is hardly moving or making a sound, thats incredible. I would scream I think 🙂
    The choice he is given between taking the punishment with the birch or the cane after the first two strokes, is that how this scene is written or is it an actual choice that he is given? I mean could the scene have gone in another direction, with the cane instead, or was the birch intended to be used all the way through? hope the question makes sense.

    Great one, I really liked it.
    Looking forward to the next scene starring Michael, and I know which one that is, so I’m really excited about that as you can imagine 🙂

    hugs! 🙂

  2. Hi DD,

    This was Michael’s first ever birching! He asked to try it, but he wasn’t sure whether or not he would be able to take it, so we decided to build in a scene which gave him the choice. Beforehand I took a stroke with this birch to test it and make sure there weren’t any sharp edges or anything. It felt fine, and in fact I enjoyed it so much that I asked for some more strokes with it during a photoset at the end of the afternoon 🙂 We decided to give Michael two strokes for him to see what it felt like, and then the choice between 10 with the birch or 15 with the cane. We would have been happy either way, but in the end, he opted for the birch.

    It was his last scene of the day and all 12 strokes were pretty serious. He took it amazingly well.

    You have a good memory! Yes – four weeks til The Stableboy comes out, I’m looking forward to it too 🙂 xxx

  3. Absolute admiration and respect to you Michael for this performance, those were some real hard strokes delivered by the Master Topper Thomas…….I don’t think he held anything back either in his perfect delivery.

    Hats off……brilliant……there’s definitely something very special about M/M scenes when they’re shot to this kind of perfection……..but it’s hard to put your finger on it………..but they definitely do work.

    Thank you….

  4. Thanks John, glad you liked it! It wasn’t an easy birching as I’m sure Michael will testify – with only 12 strokes to make an impact, I think it was definitely hard enough to give the film the intensity it deserved. Mike was super brave to volunteer for the birch. I love working with performers who genuinely enjoy what they do 🙂

  5. I absolutely love Michael and Thomas together. As I have stated in the past, Thomas’s strict demeanor makes one absolutely shake with fear, and that’s what makes him brilliant. Michael, what can I say, he is a darling naughty boy.

    As for the birching, I gritted my teeth watching the whole time. May I ask Pandora my dear…what type of switch is it made from? And in preparations for the birch bundle, do you treat it with an oil or wet bath to make it extra stingy? Michael took it very well, and it was brave of him to do so…I on the other hand would have been a mess of tears.

  6. I’m so happy that this is being received so positively. I really like it when Thomas and I do get a good rapport going in a scene and am glad when that comes across.

  7. Congratulations again on an excellent story line and executed film piece. M/M is not my scene at all and yet it is all done in such good taste and sensitivity it makes it universally appealing. Wonderful performances.

  8. Thomas and Michael are always fantastic together. Hope to see more of them together soon. Preferably with Michael’s bare bottom over Thomas’ knee. Thanks to all for a great clip.

  9. It’s because you are just so wonderfully talented Michael Darling. Thomas and you are very good together, I love the scenes. 🙂

  10. Thank you! I’m hoping to eventually convert the whole planet to the delights of M/M 😉

  11. We’re shooting more M/M bare bottom OTK on our shoot next week with two new performers. I think you’ll like it 🙂

  12. whether this birch hurt more than the one you received, Pandora, in the yuletide film. Which one would have been most common, say, in Isle of Man courts in past decades?

  13. Oh this clip won’t load unfortunately on my browser(..wah!)
    I’ll just have to make do with the lovely screen shots of Thomas thrashing Michaels lovely bot!
    Myself I sampled the birch just the once!….very messy..scratchy..bloomin’ sore afterwards…YOW!
    BBJ xx

  14. Hrm, looks like the popup streaming player isn’t working on older scenes. Thanks for the heads up. Meanwhile do the video download buttons work for you?

  15. Hi Pandora
    Most of the time the downloads work OK. ..I thought it was the VPN I was using but occasionally we get a lag on our WiFi anyhow…I’m not mega techie so I usually ask for help with stuff like this!
    Besties BBJ xx

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