School Report

Film (14:02) with 54 photographs
Preview image for School Report. Schoolboy Michael Darling stands in front of the fire place, hands behind his head and pants and trousers pulled down, displaying his red spanked bottom. Uncle Thomas Cameron and Aunt Pandora Blake watch him

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Michael hates living with his strict, old-fashioned aunt and uncle, who believe in traditional methods of discipline and do not consider him too old to be taken over the knee for a sound spanking.  

Michael hates living with his strict, old-fashioned aunt and uncle, who believe in traditional methods of discipline and do not consider him too old to be taken over the knee for a sound spanking. When he brings home an unfavourable school report he knows they will be displeased, and so he keeps quiet and hopes they won't ask. Unfortunately his nosy aunt goes through his things, finds it, and is all the angrier because he tried to deceive them. She scolds Michael and, although he is nearly fully grown, she makes him lie over her knees, and spanks his bottom firmly. Nose to the wall and in disgrace, with his spanked bottom on display, Michael is forced to wait until his uncle comes home, knowing that when he does he will give him an even harder spanking while his aunt looks on.

Photography: Nimue Allen

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Michael Darling

Halfway through Michael’s first ever spanking shoot, he chats to Pandora about the experience of working with Dana, his interest in age play, the decision to shave on camera and what he thought of the scenes filmed so far.

54 Responses

  1. Awwww…he’s so utterly adorable. No matter how much Michael protests, like all naughty children, they are not too old to be spanked over their elder’s knee. This is perfection…um, spankfection!!! Infectious spankfection!!!

  2. He really is! I love his pouting faces in this – and his peachy bottom of course 😉 Glad you like! I’ve had a few requests from male viewers as well for M/M while a woman looks on, and uncle/nephew OTK, so hopefully others will enjoy this too…

  3. What I love about this as well…is your stern composure as well. Gives me little chills, and hairs stand up on the back of my neck. You make a very convincing parental figure. You and Thomas, so much authority in Michael’s life…and with a bad report card, discipline is only right for that. I am looking forward to others my dear. 🙂

  4. why do I suddenly think that Thomas is sooooo awesome and hot…
    nothing like grumphy looking elder men I guess, kinda like Daniel Craig or Robert Downey Jr. 🙂

  5. Why thank you! I still feel a little young to play authority figures with much conviction but doing professional dominance in private sessiosn this last year has taught me a LOT. I feel I’ve come a long way in terms of demeanour compared to the earliest scenes where I topped on this site!

    In my head, for this scene, Thomas was Michael’s uncle and I was the young wife who dislikes having to look after her husband’s nephew and is very prim and proper. Ahhh … families! 🙂

  6. Thomas is super hot, I’ve always thought so! I shall pass on this lovely compliment to him. Having his beard trimmed shorter definitely suits him. 🙂

  7. I suspect trimming the beard back for another acting job has helped with that…

  8. I absolutely loved this video. I’ve always dreamed of doing a scene just like this, getting spanked by both my aunt and uncle, bare hand to bare bottom, and the embarrassment of having my Aunt watch me get spanked by my uncle. what was it like to watch a guy over another man’s knee getting spanked on his bare bottom like a little boy?

  9. Thank you Michael! I imagine if this happened in real life it would be very embarrassing. Watching this scene was a definite thrill for me. In fact whenever I see the pictures I still feel surprised and excited that it actually happened.

    There’s something so unlikely and intimate about it – well, not more unlikely or intimate than any other spanking, but because I’m less used to seeing it I suppose – that it makes the whole physical, embarrassing reality of spanking fresh for me. I loved it!

    And I loved playing the horrible aunt too, pursing her lips and urging Uncle to spank poor Michael harder 🙂

  10. you did an awesome job of playing the Aunt. I am so jealous wish that was me getting spanked by you then by the uncle in front of you. although I probably wouldn’t have felt that way during the scene, Thomas has a very strong right hand!

  11. Thank you! Isn’t that how it always is with spanking though? You long for it beforehand, and then while it’s happening you wish it wasn’t… but as soon as it’s over it becomes hot all over again 🙂

  12. You summed it up perfectly Pandora. I also noticed that Nimue did the filming or photographs on this video. So Michael had to go through the embarrassment of get watching his spanking too. I’m sure he will never forget this experience.

  13. Kudos and many thanks to Dreams of Spanking for recognizing and promoting the concept that the eroticism of spanking has more to do with the act itself than the gender of the participants. As a straight male with a decided childhood history of exposure to M/m spanking, I am appreciative that this site embraces all gender combinations in spanking and does so without the typical, often encountered bias that finding male/male spanking appealing is a determinant of one’s sexuality. I have always found it odd that so many members of the spanking community, themselves member of a sexual minority, are so quick to exclude male/male spanking as unacceptable rather than recognize it as simply another aspect of spanking eroticism can can be enjoyed by both gay and straight spanking aficionados alike. Thank you, Pandora. Thank you, Thomas. And thank you, Michael.

  14. Ah yes…I was aware that you and Thomas are the aunt and uncle…just being in a parental sense. And I also meant to comment on Thomas…he is looking very wonderful these days, amazing actually, as you all are. And families are great and wonderful when there is a firm hand involved.

    Side note…Thomas looks to be a very hard spanker. Can you back that up Pandora? 😉

  15. First OTK M/M spanking I have seen Thomas do. One particular photo of Michael’s bare bottom over the knee, makes me rather envious. It has a plumpness I’m fond of.

  16. I agree 100 percenT a Benny. I am a straight male but have been over the knee of both men and women and both are just as effective, but for me serve a different purpose. whenever I get a spanking, it is always for discipline. but it would be impossible to be over the knee of someone as beautiful as Pandora and not at least enjoy some aspect of the spanking, even if it really hurts. but I love the nurturing and maternal aspect and comforting from a woman during and after the spanking, but as a straight man I am Not really comfortable with that from a man. so when I am looking for a strict but loving and nurturing type spankings I go to a woman. but sometimes I am looking for a pure discipline spanking that I will not enjoy in any aspect. whenever I feel like I need one of these type spankings, I go to a dad type. again being a straight man I hate the idea of another man putting me over his knee and spanking in my bare bottom, and its a specially embarrassing when he uses his bare hand since that is so childish. so depending on what I feel like I need a tee time, both are just as effective in different ways.

  17. As we’re on this subject…
    Michael is probably the best male sub I’ve ever watched on film. Well to put it another way he’s one of few male subs I’ve seen who I actually think is any good!! I had to force myself to watch some male subs because I was always passing on them and felt like a hypocrite for not supporting them, cause I am often defending male subs to people online who don’t respect them. Michael has a feminine streak (and I mean that as a compliment) which I think helps him be more attractive as a sub. I mostly prefer women, but I see no reason why men shouldn’t have the odd advantage when playing sub, even if it is as yet untapped potential.

    I thought it was an interesting development having a ‘Captain Straight’ like Thomas Cameron put a man over his lap for a bare hand spanking. The M/M films I’ve seen Thomas in so far, have all been with a cane, paddle etc. and never OTK. It would be interesting to know how he felt about this spanking.

  18. I thought about the same thing. How did Thomas, a straight male, feel about putting another man over his knee for a bare hand spanking? any thoughts?

  19. I love this video. I was hoping Thomas would do some OTK m/m spanking scenes and this one surpassed all my hopes and expectations. I love the FM/M scenario; the humiliation of Michael getting spanked like a little boy over his uncle’s knee in front of his aunt is amazing. I also loved all the strict scolding from Pandora and then Thomas. Thomas is definitely the perfect spanking top; masculine, strict, and totally convincing in his acting. So it’s great to see he’s open to doing m/m scenes as well. I love seeing a straight guy give a disciplinary spanking to a naughty boy. I’m hoping there will be more like this coming down the pike. In the meantime thanks, Pandora, Michael, and Thomas for the groundbreaking, super hot, video. You are the best!

  20. This video puts into a perfect little package the sort of domestic spanking scenes I enjoy immensely and yet so rarely find in any sort of decent quality.

    I’ve fallen in love with Michael, if I could dream up my perfect little sub boy it’d be him in a heart beat. From that adorable face which is shaved again to that plump naughty boy rump that seems to beg for a sturdy smacking he’s the whole package and I love that both you, Pandora, and Tom take full advantage here.

    I’d like to thank Tom for showing how a real, true male disciplinarian thinks and acts as there is nothing lecherous or mean spirited about his role in this film, he’s the dutiful uncle taking his naughty nephew in hand and it’s sheer perfection. I think this may be one of, if not, the best M/m scenes I’ve seen on film to date. Bravo.

    And Pandora, you make for a lovely stern aunt, I thought your demeanor was just right, and you gave him what for. Though I will admit part of me wonders what if you and Michael had played the naughty niece and nephew together, hiding your school reports from Uncle until you’re found out and both taken bare bottom over his knee, one forced to watch the other being so disciplined until it’s their own turn. Of course I say this as someone who thinks your bottom is one of the best in the business and I can’t help but believe it’s somewhat a shame for you to merely sit on it and not have it reddened nicely under Tom’s palm.

    This film was a triumph, I’ve no other word for it. Please let there be more to come and soon.

  21. Hey, I really like your website, I enjoy your film clips very much. I really like School Report, I fantasise about being in the situation myself, getting spanked by both aunty and uncle. I am female. If could afford to join your membership I would join. I am natalie74 on fetlife. Take care and my best wishes. x

  22. There’s two aspects to that for me personally: one being professional detachment, and the other being expanding boundaries.

    I am still unlikely to spank men for personal pleasure; but I am undisturbed by doing so for a good reason.

  23. Michael really is very good, and easy to work with. We all enjoyed the slightly Blytonish humour during the filming 🙂

  24. I would not expect anyone you and Pandora have deemed worthy to work so closely with to be anything but a gem of a person, Thomas. And my apologizes for forgetting the “h” in my earlier post, I was half asleep but too thrilled with the scene to not say something.

    I thought all three of you were just a delight in how you played everything, right down to you patting your knee for Michael to get over, it all rang as if I was watching a sort of sitcom about a real family, great acting.

  25. Oh, I was more talking about the story in my head 🙂 I was thinking that for this scene, Michael was the son of Tom’s sibling, and then Tom went on to marry my character. And so although she is Michael’s aunt, she doesn’t consider him HER nephew. This particular Aunt Pandora wasn’t a very nice woman in my head. 😉

    Thomas is one of the hardest spankers I know. He’s got a great range and gives lovely warm ups too. But when appropriate, he can cause more pain with his hand than pretty much anyone else I’ve ever been spanked by. Big hands that incorporate thud AND sting. Especially when delivered slowly. Ouch!

  26. Wow. Thank you, Benny. This was incredibly affirming, I am so glad you support my choices.

    I do occasionally receive criticism from gay male spankos that my very straight m/m scenes are not inclusive towards them, and it’s a shame. I would like to include some more sensual, intimate m/m as well, one day, perhaps between two of the younger male switches. But really, that’s up to my performers and the relationships between them. Sexual chemistry isn’t something I can dictate.

    And meanwhile, I think there is a place for asexual male/male spanking… many of the sites providing male/male with hot actors seem to be ALWAYS sexual, with erections in every other photo. That’s fine of course, but spanking is not always sexual for me, sometimes you want a domestic or institutional punishment that has no sexual component. So I’m delighted to hear that believable, asexual male/male spanking appeals to others regardless of sexuality. After all, if you think about it, a huge amount of male/male punishment took place in real life over the centuries, particularly in schools and other institutions such as the military. It seems daft that many blogs, websites and tube sites are so hasty to exclude it!

  27. There are always more people on a spanking set than you can see in the scene! And with my set, because I try to work with female photographers and videographers as much as possible, they are usually women, too 🙂

  28. Yes, it’s the first one he’s done and I was surprised how many people requested it. I’m delighted that Tom is comfortable doing male/male spanking these days. He is still the only male top of his generation or older that I’ve worked with who is willing to do so. When male tops express interest in working for this site, my first question now is if they’ll do male/male, and if they won’t, I’m unlikely to be interested. It’s amazing how many of them won’t – particularly when you consider that women are universally expected to be comfortable with F/F regardless of their sexuality.

    Spanking video is professional as well as personal after all. I don’t expect to want to fuck everyone I work with and I don’t see why gender should be a factor. If you are a top who expects to fancy every person you spank on video then you are incredibly unprofessional!

  29. It’s so interesting to hear about your experiences of spanking and discipline. I love that you would deliberately seek out a disciplinary spanking from a man. Isn’t it funny how it’s differently embarrassing depending on who is administering the spanking? Glad you liked this video and thank you for suggesting it!

  30. Thank you so much Matt! I’m delighted this video has proved so popular – and that Tom has branched out into M/M spanking. There are more male/male scenes in our archive. I’m also meeting another older male top this month who is happy to do male/male, although he has a very different look from Tom. I’m always interested in meeting new male tops interested in doing m/m – I’d especially love to find someone well-built with short hair who could pull off the military fantasy.

    We shot several more m/m scenes on this shoot with Tom spanking Michael and our new male spankee Andrew Shada. Looking forward to sharing them!

  31. “Captain Straight”! I love it! We need to get him a Marvel-style uniform 😀

    There is nothing inherently unattractive, silly or unrespectable about male subs, it’s just that most sites don’t pay for professional talent.

    I actually disagree that male subs need to be feminine to be attractive – I think that submissiveness is coded as feminine by our culture, and so you see a submissive man, you read his mannerisms as feminism even if he’s actually pretty masculine. Anyway, I agree that Michael is something special and I’m thrilled to work with him 🙂

  32. What an amazing comment to read! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it, and for joining the site – it’s a pleasure to have you 🙂

    I like Michael’s beard but we wanted him to play a couple of school age characters on this shoot and he was a good sport in being willing to shave at zero notice.

    Tom excels at playing stern/strict characters who are fundamentally likeable/sympathetic. It’s not often I ask him to play a real bastard and even when I give him a character I personally don’t sympathise with, as in this case (this scene was very much about identifying with Michael, for me) he turns it into something more sympathetic. Like you, I think it’s a real strength.

    I’d love to play a niece and nephew scene with Michael with Tom as uncle! Have you seen Mike’s and my scene where we played a brother and sister spanked by our governess Dana Kane?

  33. Hi Viv, thanks for stopping by and saying hello. It’s great to meet you, and I’m glad you enjoy the scenes 🙂 We’ve done a couple of MF/F scenes but they are both dark professional situations featuring a journalist spanked by her bosses, and an au pair spanked by mum and dad. I’ll add an aunty/uncle/niece scene to my list! x

  34. Just looking at your expression whilst delivering the spanking, and the way you are speaking to him with such sternness, I slightly shivered. And I do see the way you see her. She has no problem spanking her nephew, because its deserved, but considering that its not HER nephew…I see what you are saying.

    I love a good firm spanking by a hand…its a favorite of mine. And no matter what…a man’s hand is normally so much bigger than a woman’s, at least I think so, and the power behind a smack. I can only imagine how his large hand feels on a backside. Been so long since I have been spanked by a fellow male spanko.

  35. The pictures and clip for this scene made it impossible for me not to join. I loved the scene. It was wonderful. Thank you so much for filming it.

    Michael looks properly upset, contrite, and embarrassed through the whole ordeal. Thomas is very hot as the stern disciplinarian. I love his calm and matter of fact demeanor while spanking. Having Pandora spank Michael first, and then watch while he gets his second spanking adds immensely to my enjoyment of the film.

  36. Generally I’m attracted to femininity, be it in men or women, not masculinity, but I think a bit of masculinity mixed in can get me more attracted, again whether it’s a man or a woman. So it’s possible that I might find a male sub more attractive than some female subs.

  37. Thank you! I’m absolutely delighted by the popular reception this film has received. I can’t wait to share the other MF/M scene we shot with Michael that day and we’ll definitely be shooting more!

  38. Out of interest, would you guys ask the same question of a straight woman who spanks women on video? If not, why not? 🙂

  39. Ummmmmmm….depends on the woman. For Thomas in particular, an M/M OTK seems quite new. I’m always encountering men who are like “My lap is STRICTLY for women only!!”. And then I encounter women who are like “My lap is STRICTLY for……WOMEN only!”. Seriously I think I’ve only ever encountered one woman who said that she spanks exclusively men. In addition I’ve met plenty of women who are happy to spank both men and women OTK.

    I for one am glad to see that Thomas is open to trying new things. Can you imagine Thomas getting spanked? 😛 Wow. That would be almost as difficult for his fans to get used to as it would be for him to get used to, I’m sure!

  40. This film has provoked some really good discussion. It is interesting that a straight guy can branch out to M/M but I do note Thomas’s comment suggesting it’s a professional assignment enabling a degree of detachment. I think it’s great that DoS is exploring a range of combinations with gender roles because it really does push against the stereotypes in this genre. It also makes the whole thing much more inclusive because there’s something for many more tastes within the field.
    Having said all that I do confess I am pretty much into M/F, F/F and F/M and don’t really get anything out of M/M, although I hope I can perhaps appreciate it a bit more artistically.

    Last point: the first four pics of the gallery are a really great sequence with great facial expressions, Pandora. You can almost here some captions.
    Eg Pics 1&2 – “And you think this is acceptable do you?” And especially pic 3 “I’m waiting!”

  41. Haha, Tom is definitely not a switch, and that’s okay, not everyone has to be! For instance Amelia Jane Rutherford doesn’t switch and I would never dream of pressuring her to.

    I think you’re right that some people are prejudiced against male bottoms (“I just don’t find them as attractive!” is something we are taught to feel), but don’t you think that’s a sign of cultural inequality right there? I honestly believe this is one of those social things that producing more and better porn starring sexy male spankees, and generating discussion about it, can help fix.

  42. Have seen the full vid now. Pandora you are looking very beautiful in this role. Michael’s big bum looks very sexy, jiggling over your lap 😉 And over Thomas’ lap too. Michael really gets my emotions moving in this one.

  43. Hi folks at DoS!

    I just downloaded and watched School Report. It is a “First” on a site producing straight M/M videos without apparent gay undercurrent. Pandora, you really have a great site going! I am an on and off subscriber from the beginning and love your professional work, the talent you have assembled and your creativity. How much can one person dream? :-)). Congratulations to your second anniversary.

    In the beginning, as one of your first subscribers, I asked you to keep things authentic by sticking to a believable age relationship as much as possible. That meant getting young attractive male models. Not an easy task at that time. But you did. I also asked you to get the “motherly” type of female spanker for F/M. You got Dana Kane, my wish candidate for such roles.

    As far as one can ask for quality on a small budget you are amazingly good. My heart felt compliments.

    I am more and more active as an organizer of private events. In the past, I participated in a few boarding school type events in Germany, and in march, I will organize the fourth Spanking Court (similar to the US pay site). One of the problems in such events is the M/M side. Of course, we have male offenders in the Spanking Court. They get their bare bottoms thrashed as hard as the female miscreants. But we use female executioners for the men. Therefore, no problems there, accepted roles.

    However, I was afraid of crossing an invisible line when punishing an adult man myself. In the school type event, I had to play Headmaster many times. There was absolutely no problem caning a bare male bottom as long as there was no “direct” contact. But would I dare to take one of the “students” across my lap and spank him with my bare hand on his naked seat? That seemed to be the absolute Nono, producing all kinds of cultural violations, if you are not gay and neither the “student.”

    Therefore, your “First” of doing just that with Thomas in the role of uncle was a sensational
    watching experience for me. I just wonder, whether I am going to dare doing that one of these days. There is a very big difference between watching a video and doing something like that live. Now, I am most curious about the future acceptance of such scenarios. Up till now, the discussion is positive and I hope it will stay positive.

    Keep up the good work!

  44. It’s currently scheduled for end of February. I promise it will be worth the wait!

  45. This scene is the main reason I signed up to the site. I haven’t seen a MF/M spanking scene before but its great, please do more!

  46. What an amazing scene, but more than that, this really is an amazing site. I cannot think of any other site that offers the different gender roles within our interest and does so with creativity and flair. It is also clear that everyone is welcome, and no one group is excluded from the fun. What I feel from Pandora is a non judgmental leader that has a great deal of insight into the erotic, physical and emotional aspects of spanking. As a married gay man (bottom), I enjoy all aspects of spanking and will watch just about any spanking clip regardless of the gender roles. It is the setting, the scene, acting and models that provide much loved entertainment regardless of whether it is a young man or lady that ends up with a rosy red bottom.

  47. Had to return to this one, one of my favourites. Tom’s firm hand slaps on Michael’s fat bottom were particularly memorable. I certainly would be interested in going over the lap of a gent like Tom. Strictly for business of course 😉

  48. Hmm, yeah I’m in that “longing” period right now, but beginning to be mixed with a certain amount of dread too. I’m hoping to actually enjoy it while it happens (if enjoy is the right word??). And hoping it will be”hot” for a very long while afterwards!

  49. I came back again. Was thinking about Thomas’ firm bare hand and Michael’s soft bare buttocks

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