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Pandora, in a school shirt and tie, is bent over to receive her caning. She looks into camera

Catching his wilful pupil Pandora indoors during breaktime with her nose in a book for the third time this term, form teacher Mr Cameron gives her six of the best on the spot.


In this scene, I play a schoolgirl who is caught reading and is given six of the best on the spot. When I was at school I often spent my breaktimes hiding indoors with a novel, so this was a misdeed I could identify with. I love playing the mistreated schoolgirl, and Tom loves seeing me in white socks and pigtails, so we were both happy. I particularly loved getting him to slap me across the face with the book!

In terms of the setting and the uniform, I think this is more obviously a roleplay than some of the more immersive, realistic scenes I’ve produced. It doesn’t really look much like a school, and I’m not sure a real schoolgirl would be wearing a skirt that short. But I quite like that ambiguity. You can look at it and see the fantasy of a straightforward teacher/pupil scene, or you can look past that to the reality of a couple acting out a fantasy in their living room. Either way, the cane still hurt, and the power dynamics are very real.

Photography: Dogstar Photography


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  1. I love the school uniform. You look great in it! Also, you’ve pushed a button of mine with the panties pulled down to just below the bottom at the top of the thighs. I don’t see this that often, but now that I think about it, I think I like it because it seems like a kind of “realism” that I associate with it. I once thought that if an authority figure wanted to give a bare bottom spanking to a girl, pulling down her panties to just that far might help protect her modesty. I know it’s not that much modesty protection, but somehow the meme stuck with me.


    Best Regards,

  2. Dear Pandora,

    I’m so glad I joined your site. I have seen, spanked and chastised quite a few bare bottoms, but yours truly is exceptional. Round, plump and firm…….every spankers dream!
    I’m really looking forward to seeing more of you rosy, red cheeks.

  3. It’s weird how it does feel more “authentic” despite the fact that in reality it rarely makes any difference to how much is shown. I like it in a disciplinary, asexual setting, and I’m pretty sure I got it from other spanking producers, so I’m clearly not the first. Glad it struck a chord!

  4. Gosh, thanks very much! Lovely to meet you and I’m glad you appreciate my work and my bottom. And particular thanks for subscribing to the newsletter too – I hope the site continues to be of interest 🙂

  5. Dear Pandora,

    Thank you for your lovely reply to my comments.
    Your site and newsletter are not only erotic but also have an educational slight with regards to spanking and corporal punishment. Some of the most intelligent people I have met are like-minded spankers and disciplinarians and I would most certainly recommend your work to all of them.
    I loved the way you started your reply with the word gosh.That one word conjures up images of a naughty schoolgirl about to receive her first ever spanking……….”Gosh sir, please, not a spanking!!”

  6. Erotic and also educational – good, that’s more or less what I’m aiming for! Please do recommend my work to them, I love to hear from likeminded people 🙂

    ps. Are you following my mailing list? If so and if you recommend a friend who signs up to it, do make sure you give them your unique signup URL so I can make sure you get rewarded properly 🙂

  7. pandora you have certainly excelled yourself here brilliant pics love the uniforms and the sight of your bare bottom getting caned is truly wonderous
    thanks danny

  8. What a lovely set! A shame there isn’t a film to go with it – but I did read your blog which says it was done a long time ago!

    And like you, I spent a lot of my schooldays reading, and can accordingly identify with the situation!


  9. Actually this is one on my list to turn into a film, although I think I’d find it a little more authentic/believable if it was an on-the-spot tawsing rather than the cane. What do you think?

  10. Well, I see your point that a tawse is more portable and spontaneous … but I do like the cane so much that I am never likely to prefer the tawse to it! Sorry! No doubt it’s a question of the tradition you’ve grown up with/absorbed!

  11. I prefer the cane too, I just think it’s more suited to the headmaster’s study and formal punishments than on-the-spot ones. Mind you, we did use it in this photoset. Interesting question!

  12. Being Scandinavian, neither tawse nor cane is much in our heritage. But it’s hard to beat the stripes made by a cane.

  13. It certainly looks like it in these pics. North West England? It was all boys when I was there but now it’s Co-ed. I would be delighted to think you attended it – but maybe it is just a prop.
    I would love to know.

    Love your site Pandora – as you can see!

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