The Water Fight

Film (11:03) with 72 photographs
Preview image for The Waterfight. Andrew Shada bends over the table, wearing only wet boxer shorts, ready to receive punishment from Thomas Cameron

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Siblings Andrew and Pandora are constantly playing tricks on each other – but somehow, Pandora always seems to get away with it, while Andrew always gets in trouble! In revenge for her latest prank Andrew sneaks up on his sister while she's on the swing, and douses her in cold water. She swiftly retaliates and makes sure Andrew is soaked head to toe before running and telling on him. The poor boy can't get a word in edgeways as their angry fath*r grabs his ear and hauls him inside for a damn good hiding.

A hard hand spanking over the knee shows Andrew that Thomas is really serious this time. Soon enough the older man has made up his mind that it's going to have to be a strapping. Twenty hard strokes will drive the lesson home. First, he fetches a jug and pours icy cold water over Andrew's tight briefs to make sure his bottom is dripping wet. Because as Thomas' mother knew very well, it does make it sting more.

Photography: Nimue Allen & Pandora Blake

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12 responses

  1. Yeah my sister was like that to !

    It’s nearly always good to see some thing fresh and new and I’m guessing that it’s very unusual on a spanking shoot to have two guys in front of the cameras and two girls behind them.

    What I do know is that Pandora must have adored those pants !

  2. It was an awesome video. I enjoyed it very much. I loved Thomas taking Andrew inside by the ear, I loved that he put him over his knee for the first part, and I loved the scolding during the spanking. Andrew’s briefs are cute and he made some wonderful noises of distress during the spanking. Thank you!

  3. He’s just sooooo strict,stern…gaaaah!! I seriously need to try this form of punishment on my sub. I sometimes just flick water onto her backside, and spank with my hand…but now, ooooh my leather tawse would would well. Pandora…this is amazing. As always. 🙂

  4. Two guys in front of the camera and two girls behind them is par for the course at Dreams of Spanking, I’m pleased to say!

    You know me so well. I LOVED those pants. Andrew had excellent taste in underwear 🙂

  5. Ahhh, if I know I’m pushing your buttons I know I’m doing something right! Part of me selfishly wanted the over the knee section to last longer, but I suppose realistically it was about the right length.

    I LOVED Andrew’s pants. And I thought his stoicism was super hot too. He was genuinely nervous about this punishment and it was his first video as a bottom – like, ever – so I thought he took it really well, in the circumstances.

  6. I think I have a water kink. I’ve just added a “wet” tag. Quite a few more versions of this I’d like to explore!

    A leather tawse combined with water sounds crazy stingy! I don’t envy your sub 😉

  7. You fibber. I think you are just a wee bit curious of a tawse and a shiny, and wet bottom? I think you would enjoy it a little too much you cheeky lady!

  8. This is a great video. As always, Thomas is the best, strict, old-fashioned disciplinarian out there. His acting makes any scene he’s in totally believable. And the more believable the scenario, the hotter the video, IMHO. I love that he’s doing m/m OTK scenes now as well as his standard M/F. And Andrew is a total find; cute and boyish but masculine at the same time. Great face and adorable, spank-able bottom. I love Daddy/Son scenarios in general and this was a great example; ear-pulling, scolding, etc. I wish there was more OTK and, of course I wish Andrew’s cute underpants had come down for a serious, bare bottom spanking over Dad’s knee. But hopefully in the future? Thanks Pandora for pushing boundaries and producing such top quality spanking material. And thanks, Thomas. You’re amazing. And welcome Andrew. Consider me your newest fan. I really look forward to seeing all of you in whatever you come up with next!

  9. Thank you Matt, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I’ll pass on your kind remarks to Thomas.

    I am 100% in agreement that a scenario has to be realistic and believable to be truly hot. I wished the OTK had been longer too! Still, the scene flowed at a pace that felt convincing. I will definitely be getting Andrew back to shoot again, if he’s up for it!

  10. Unffff. This film could have been made for me personally.

    Andrew’s pain face, OMG.

  11. I know right? He’s a keeper.

    I seem to remember we did have several long and involved chats about M/M back when this site was being conceived, so I’ve almost certainly taken your preferences on board 😉

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