My Lady’s Pleasure

Film (18:38 mins) with 31 photographs
Thomas raises his hand to spank Nimue

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Lady Nimue craves a good thrashing, and in her husband’s absence she decides her loyal servant is the man for the job. Initially hesitant but eager to please her ladyship, Thomas soon lays on with a will.

I’m fascinated at the moment by reverse dominant/submissive dynamics – that is power plays where the spankee is the one in charge. Class politics have always provided a rich seam of inspiration for punishment scenarios, and I love this twist on the classic erotic romance trope of the neglected aristocratic lady taking her pleasure from a serving man. Except in this case, of course, her pleasure takes the form of a sound whipping.

Nimue and Tom brought this dynamic to life and created a nuanced relationship between the characters which I think is genuinely touching. The implication is that Nimue brought Thomas with her when she married, and has a long, affectionate history with her devoted retainer. Perhaps there might be some physical attraction, but she would never dream of treating him as her equal or making herself vulnerable to him emotionally.

Instead, she abuses her power, knowing that he won’t, or can’t, refuse her however distasteful he might find the idea of hurting her – and initially he is reluctant to act above his station. However he has no choice but to do his lady’s bidding … and he soon gets into the swing of it. The resulting scene has some moments of surprising tenderness made all the more powerful by the restraints of social status.

As well as containing some interesting power dynamics, this scene is quite physically severe. Able to precisely control the pace and flow of the action, Nimue was free to indulge her masochistic enjoyment of thuddy hand spankings and slow, deep whippings. Under her direction Thomas uses his hard hand and the springy riding crop to turn her bottom literally as red as her hair. The vivid welts and marks decorating her lovely round bottom by the end were a gorgeous sight, and she had some impressive bruises afterwards as well. Here’s what Nimue has to say:

“It was great to shoot this scene, a wonderfully intense spanking, delivered at the pace that was just right for me, in the beautiful garden with the sun shining down on us – what more could a girl want?”

To read more about the story behind this scene, click here.

Photography: Pandora Blake


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8 responses

  1. Hi Pandora,
    I can’t seem to download the gallery to this film and I am getting the ‘link broken’ message

  2. Just got back from the World Spanking Party in Spain and seen this. Thanks for the heads up Sarah – the link is fixed now.

  3. Your website is so helpful. I thought I had Erectile dysfunction until I talked it over with my grandma (she’s 68 years old), and with her help, we look at your website together and take turns playfully spanking eachother, and before she sends me home she gives me a much needed hand job. I just love the way she bends over and lets me clean her butthole before we get started, then after kissing her 52inch butt, she gets her butt slapped softly, and my granny doesn’t mind my long 12″ black erection sticking out, she always keeps her promise and jerks me off after I lick her sweet butthole. I’m doing such a good job, granny wants me to meet one of the girls on her birthday so her giirlfriend can get the royal treatment. I met Ms. Gray once but I never thought that she would invite me to her birthday party, clean her butthole, and spank her on her 70th birthday. Ms Grey is tall, and loves to have her butt kissed she told me once, and she always jerks me off after I keep her company while she spanks herself.

  4. Ooh I really enjoyed this one! I remember watching the trailer, but I totally forgot to come back and watch the actual video. It was very interesting to see Thomas in that role. And of course the whipping was exquisite. Bravo!

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