The Mediator

Film (24:41) with 31 photographs
Preview image for The Mediator. Pandora Blake goes over Thomas Cameron's knee for a bare bottom spanking as Ten Amorette looks on

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Tom intervenes in a legal dispute between his girlfriend and her ex-bandmate. Far better to resolve things privately! But first, both ladies need to have their tempers cooled … and their bottoms warmed.

Photography: Nimue Allen

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6 Responses

  1. Hello,
    I love this video. These two young women who behave like little girls who receive a spanking. And Thomas, who remains calm and unruffled and made ​​it clear to Pandora Ten and that punishment is inevitable … Wonderful!

  2. Thanks! I loved Tom in this as the calm mediator who wants the best for everyone… although I had to admit that I had a lot of sympathy for Ten’s character too! I was definitely playing the villain in this piece 😉

  3. Excellent film. Good storyline, marvellous images and a perfect performance. But I am starting to have a problem with these films, when I see Pandora´s bare behind in red I feel a strange itching in my right palm and a tingling in my right arm. Perhaps I should visit a medical doctor!!!

  4. Pandora
    I love it when you play the bad girl and you’re spanking. Could you make a movie or you’d be ugly and you’d spanked by a group of several people, 4 or 5 girls and boys? Thank you for your response

  5. Oh dear, Sheldon, that is a rather serious condition. But don’t worry, you’re not alone and these days there are lots of things we can do about it. Your doctor might well refer you to a private clinic where nurses can provide you with the very latest treatment. Our percussive palm therapy has a number of benefits, and many patients swear by it!

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