Office Assistance

Film (12:58 mins) with 46 photographs
Nimue looks back over her shoulder at Thomas who is spanking her over her knickers

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Nimue is a busy professional. Luckily, she has an excellent strategy for keeping on top of her workload: regular checks and spankings from her disciplinarian. Life is better when you work together!

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Photography: Pandora Blake

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4 Responses

  1. Couldnt get much better than this.
    Nimues ample curves are almost guaranteed a rivetting production.
    One little niggle.One of the stills shows a particularly nice full length legs shot but the still is obscured by an arm and paddle in the way-but this is a very minor point.
    Nimue comes across as a delightfully mature 30 something Office Plumper.
    The Lingerie could perhaps be a little more elaborate-thick patterned tights-for example-or maybe even an elasticated girdle conncoction that when yanked down blossoms springy freshly elasicated leg marked cheeks.A fine example of this is to be found at SpankedinUniform
    during a dance lesson.
    The ample bottom too could perhaps be subjected to a slightly redder and more energetic spanking?
    A touch the toes position might also add lustre.
    Plus lastly lingering CLOSE UPS from a 3/4 or rear position lasting several minutes.
    But All in All a highly desirable production,
    “the Simon Cowell”of spanking.

  2. Thanks Lazen, I am enjoying all your feedback!

    Couldn’t agree more regarding Nimue’s astonishingly sexy curves, especially her shapely legs in those seamed stockings – WOW. I take full responsibility for blocking the view of them in the stills, as it was me behind the camera!

    Not everyone loves tights but they do make more sense in office contexts that otherwise, I think. Actually I don’t think I have any scenes with tights in yet – clearly a gap to be filled. Shall I ask Nimue if she owns a suitable girdle for next time?

    As for a redder and more energetic spanking, just wait until you see the outdoor scene Tom and NImue did at the end of this shoot – it was intense!

  3. I just joined this site, and I love it! I especially like this model as she is quite lovely. And Pandora, you are also quite a lovely dear, my oh my I do think my wife would love to spank your bottom lol. And I second the notion for myself! Please keep up the good work with this site. One of the best I have tried out! Thanks.

    Oh, and not related to this scene, but just in general… I like the idea of audio stories. I hope you will continue those in due time. I am a writer of sorts my self, but I do enjoy reading (or in this case hearing) other peoples works as it gives one such naughty ideas for ones own stories hehe.

    Love the site, love the scenes, the models are scrumptious, and the site itself is nicely constructed. I can’t believe all the trouble you have had with the billing company! What is their problem with making some money?! What- EVER! Keep up the good work!


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