A Visit to the Woodshed

Film (6:39) with 12 screengrabs.
Theo Mischief waits for a strapping from Housekeeper Pandora Blake

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It takes a lot of work to keep a big house running, and any good housekeeper knows the key to success is keeping the servants in line. When Theo the garden hand neglects his orchard duties, then, there’s only one thing for it!

He’s hauled back into the woodshed and made an example of, with his sound strapping carried out right where any passer-by could see it. When it’s done he’s not permitted to hide his sore backside straight away: instead Blake has him keep it on display for five full, excruciating minutes, his cheeks as red as the apples he neglected to pick.

Preview Gallery

A Visit to the Woodshed - Behind the Scenes

We’d not shot with Theo before the day this was filmed, so we took some time to get to know him a little better! He’s a true spanking enthusiast, and it’s clear from these backstage clips how eagerly he’s been anticipating his spanking from Pandora Blake.



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Theo Mischief

As a porn studio, our primary aim is to produce horny films that turn you on. Sexuality and arousal themselves, though, are deeply rooted in far more complex considerations; fear, pain, taboo and trauma all have parts to play, and you can’t understand how to get people hot under the collar without also considering where their shadow lies. In the afterglow of filming a particularly edgy scene – The Bully’s Comeuppance – Blake and Theo found time to sit down and talk some of this through: Theo’s experiences during his first day on a Dreams set, stories of some of the edgiest scenes they’ve each done in the past, and their personal thoughts on the deeply emotive politics of porn.

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