After School Tease

Film (5:23) with 50 photographs
Pandora Blake, dressed in school uniform and white knee socks bends over the desk

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In a schoolroom setting, all alone, Pandora puts on her tight burgundy pencil skirt and strikes a variety of poses, showing off her magnificent arse in the clinging garment. She bends over the table, perhaps anticipating another good spanking any minute: she examines the range of implements laid out nearby, and rubs her bum cheeks through her school skirt.

This is a simple but compelling video, partly because so much is suggested rather than spelled out, and the viewer can create whatever scenario or backstory appeals. Pandora is wearing school uniform: white shirt, tie, white socks and that deliciously tight-fitting skirt. While she says very little, the implications could be that she’s waiting for someone to come along and administer discipline for some or other infraction, though the way she clutches her buttocks and winces suggests that it’s not all that long since she last got her bare bottom smacked or caned or strapped. 

There’s a measured grace about this exquisite tease which should spark the imagination of anyone whose fantasies feature tight, clingy pencil skirts, the chastisement of naughty schoolgirls, strict discipline or any other aspect of school-style corporal punishment. You could envisage yourself as the head teacher, striding into the room to order her to bend over for six of the best. Over her skirt? Over her knickers, or on the bare? It’s up to you. Or maybe you’d like to picture yourself as a fellow naughty pupil, and contemplate undergoing a good thrashing together, perhaps comforting each other afterwards. Or you could simply enjoy the view as the camera lingers, contemplatively, over Pandora’s exquisite bottom while she twists and bends and occasionally shimmies, pulling the pencil skirt tight over her buttocks and exploring, with her fingertips, what she suggests are the sore spots from the last bout of punishment she earned herself.

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7 Responses

  1. Thanks 🙂 That’s a good idea. I do love tights and there aren’t enough scenes with me wearing them on this site – I’ll see what I can do!

  2. Thanks Pandora, that would be awesome. Can I be really cheeky and suggest tan tights. Like the ones you wore in ‘Memories of Spanking’

  3. I really love that clip where you receive 50 strokes from Thomas and Leia Ann alternately !!
    I’d love to receive 50 strokes as well but between yourself and Leia Ann would be my dream !!!

    Keep up the excellent job that you are doing #


  4. You look absolutely stunning!
    I loved the way you pulled your socks up perfectly, so hot!
    Keep up the great job, and thank you

  5. One thing I’ve always known is that a girl’s butt is so beautiful in a skirt. It has always been such a turn on for me. I search the web far and wide for such scenes like this and others where a lady is bending over in skirts. There really isn’t enough of it, well you’ve just really got to look around.

    Dear lovely Pandora, I would really encourage you to make more scenes similar to this.

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