The Scholarship Girl

Film (10:13) with 44 photographs
Preview image for The Scholarship Girl. Lola Marie stands with her skirt lifted and bloomers parted, ready to take her punishment from Pandora Blake. Both are dressed in Victorian style clothing

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Lola Marie is the scholarship girl at a Victorian school for promising young women. She finds herself before the schoolmistress Miss Blake, facing the ultimate sanction: corporal punishment.  

Lola Marie is the scholarship girl at a Victorian school founded to educate promising young women. She works hard and tries to behave herself, but the rules are very strict and she keeps breaking them without meaning to. Normally she is clever or lucky enough to not get caught, but this time she's really done it. She has formed a close friendship with one of the grooms from the stables, and they have been caught together. Lola finds herself standing in front of the schoolmistress Miss Blake, facing the ultimate sanction – corporal punishment. 

Photography: Tyler Gray

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32 responses

  1. Hello Pandora I have watched your latest film in bars and stripes today
    and I like it really by the way do you know why Leia-Ann stops performing
    for that company.

  2. Is Pandora really cross? Perhaps yes but there are definite hints of amusement too in her sarcastic smile and eye scrunching when ordering Lola-Marie to thank her for the strokes………..shortly before delivering a beautifully executed punishment.

    Ladies, you are profoundly adorable…….even more so in period costume…….a very beautiful scene….

    Thank you fine thespians & technicians alike.

    P.S. The interview footage is absolutely lovely and informative and….cripes….Lola-Marie is a Top too…………it just gets better n better.

  3. The introduction, the scolding, the environment , the customes and of course the strapping is perfect. it is a real trip to the Victorian ages. Congratulations to all the team of DS but especially to Pandora and Lola.

  4. This film takes a serious mood and is in good contrast to the more tongue-in-cheek period pieces like the recent Havelock series. The sombre, melancholy music is one factor in creating this mood. The stern but measured lecturing is another. The latter is helped along by the careful attention to grammar (“You have the potential to marry whomever you wish”), which one could imagine as typical in an exacting Victorian establishment. I’m sure too that modesty would have meant that the undergarments were merely parted rather than removed. Though this does of course mean that they continually need re-parting to reveal the bare target!! Poor Lola looked as though she had already had some attention to her bottom before this session started. Nice one all round.

  5. I know that I may seem as if I am being over the top with my praise of this latest release (Twitter etc) but in nearly 40 years of indulgence and observation of films, I really believe this to be one of the best.

    You see its not necessarily about plush studios or fancy story lines, but so much more about those that take part in the scenario. We already know that DreamsofSpanking is very different from the mainstream sites and yes they all have something to offer, but isn’t sometimes about partaking in an experience that is as real as being there? Even then though its not just about the administering of a punishment – anyone can deliver a spanking, belting caning etc. and for some, enjoyment is taken from the severity of it rather than necessarily the chemistry that is generated.

    What sets this film apart from others is the performance of the two actors and the balance shown by Pandora in her carrying out of the punishment, then the solitude of the recipient Lola and her acceptance of the punishment and seeing it through to the end.

    For me, the best of discipline scenes enable the viewer to almost enter the mind of the person who is receiving the chastisement. Lola clearly allows you to do this and you are taken on a journey by her as she meets her limits on the day of this filming having already filmed other scenes prior to this, and stoically continues.

    The severity and how it is depicted allows that 18 strokes to be enough. Why not 30? It isn’t needed. Lola’s portrail of the student is remarkable, and the atmosphere generated, that enables you to make a complete connection with the action. Simply brilliant.

  6. Very well said Trusted Swing. It’s the psychology of the situation in these sorts of films that is really important. DoS makes a really good shot at this IMO – the scene some time back with Pandora as an Edwardian governess taking Amelia Jane and Caroline to task for their attempts to go clandestinely to a dance is another period example. In a more modern setting, the scene with Alex getting caught out by her ex bosses (Corporate Intimidation) is also really good on the psychological positioning between the characters. Long may this continue.

  7. Really enjoyed that scene, as others mentioned. The interaction between the characters really makes it. For me the power of Pandora’s character in telling Lola to lift her skirt, and get into position to be chastised, and Lola being required to just cooperate and accept her punishment really makes the scene.

    Also, the still photographs are great too.

  8. Thanks Cathy, which film was that? Been a while since I looked at Bars and Stripes…

    I’m not sure of the details but I think Leia just wanted to move on to other projects. Her Twitter account is @l_a_woods if you want to ask her yourself 🙂

  9. I think perhaps the schoolmistress was very firm in her belief that this sort of behaviour wouldn’t do, but perhaps remembered her own schooldays when, perhaps, she herself was punished for similar indiscretions. I definitely felt that the schoolma’am had a personal interest in Lola’s character and sympathised with her. Perhaps Miss Blake was, once upon a time, a Scholarship Girl herself?

  10. Thank you Sheldon. I admit I had a lot of fun dressing up Lola in items from my costume box. Especially the bloomers, which are an original vintage piece that are too small for me to wear any more. Slender Lola fitted them with no trouble!

  11. I hope the music didn’t feel too much, I wanted this film to be a bit more quiet and solemn as you say. Thanks for the comments on my grammar. I do try 😉

    I did start to feel a bit self-conscious about the bloomers needing to be parted! But oh, they do frame a bottom so beautifully, especially a bottom as lovely as Lola’s.

  12. Thank you Mo! It’s the helplessness that really makes this sort of scene for me as well. Knowing you have no choice but to obey, even though you fear the worst for what’s about to happen to you…

  13. TrustedSwing, I’m tickled pink to read this comment and I imagine Lola is too. I’ve just been editing the behind the scenes video and this scene was HARD. It was the last of the day; I’d initially written it as a caning but Lola asked for it to be something else instead. She was already very sore from the spankings she’d received earlier in the day, and I know from personal experience how hard the tawse is to take. Her fortitude was impressive. Lola really is a true professional.

  14. This scene reminded me of the Edwardian Governess story too! I think because in both cases I play the same sort of character telling someone off for dallying with boys… which of course in real life I am entirely in favour of. But then unfair punishments, or overly strict punishments for a behaviour which would be considered completely acceptable these days, have always been a core part of my fantasies.

  15. Pandora
    ‘Judicial Beating’
    Pandora’s unwillingness to co-operate with the Governor and help him infiltrate a known ring of conspiritors leaves him with no choice but to sentence her to a judicial flogging. A no nonsense, very officious beating that leaves her in no doubt as to The Guv’s disappointment. He didn’t want to cause her so much pain, but what could he do……?

    Oh,this is the film.Thanks for giving me her Twitter account:)YOU are so friendly.

  16. Pandora, how fortunate that Lola declined the cane. While it can be seen as the ultimate sanction I wonder whether Lola in the end had some regret in making that choice. Lucky for us she did. I suppose one day we me might see a reprise and experience the rod in action, but in a sense the moment has passed……

  17. Wonderful comments, thank you all! I really enjoyed this one and it’s even better knowing you guys loved it too 🙂

    L x

  18. Hi Pandora,
    You looked terrific, and that tawse looked very difficult to take. Do you know what the make of tawse was?
    Are the models reluctant to take the tawse across the hands as per true school punishment?

  19. The tawse is from our friends at Correction Collection and is an unusually heavy one. I would not recommend using it on the hands unless you were a very experienced player.

  20. Hello Pandora

    What a fantastic piece of film making such a well made and presented film.
    I love the realistic interview followed by the 18 stroke tawsing.
    Lola Marie took it so well.
    The expression on your face of sympathy mixed with determination was an absolute
    must to watch
    The only thing you did not say is this is going to hurt me more than you.
    Expertly played out by two consummate professionals ,I would describe this film as ground breaking.
    From a personal point of view this film suited the tawse and it would not have been the same had it been a caning.
    Buts that’s a personal view well done Pandora and Lola

    Kind Regards…………..Paul

  21. Lola was fantastic, I can’t wait to see more.
    What would be even better would be to see Pandora and Lola get the cane or tawse side-by-side. The contrast in pink and brown bums would be a real turn-on. A job for Mr Cameron the headmaster I think.
    Pandora could be the prefect who Lola agrees to be caned by so as to avoid Mr C.
    That’s his job so, when he catches Pandora exceeding her authority, they both get a thrashing.
    I’m sure that you can work out something great along those lines.

  22. Victorian times- Pandora and Lola Marie, 2 house maids working for the Mistress of the home BUT not liking each other- they sabotage each others work trying to get the other one punished BUT the mistress is smart and decides to take action- She calls the 2 of them to her study where she has Pandora bend over the table and has Lola bare her bottom for the strap. Lola smiles thinking she has won- Pandora is strapped long and hard- Then the Mistress tells Lola it is her turn and has Pandora prepare her. The Mistress tells them to both bend over the table facing each other and to grip tightly each others arms to hold the position while she administers the cane- if they let the other one rise out of position they Both get extra strokes. Mistress goes around the table administering 6 strokes at a time to each and by the end of punishment both realize they need to work together to avoid more trouble.

  23. This young lady is one of the most gorgeous and sexy with such a wonderful behind. Always love watching Lola, she’s a star. Pandora of course is always first class.

  24. Lovely scene with Lola! Again this reminds me of my own writing haha. One of these days I’ll have to request a custom! But for now I’m really enjoying all these fantastic videos.

  25. I loved watching that Tawsing. Yes the Victorian pants got in the way. I would love to see Lola in a regency/victorian/Edwardian scene as the top. I do love the historical scenes.

  26. I recall seeing a trailer for this a while back and thinking, “This looks good, I ought to buy it.” Well I finally have and I’m shocked to find that this was tens years old! Well, it is still, IMHO, a classic item of spanking erotica.

    The punishment is harsh, but fair & just. According to the standards of the time that is. The period details like the split drawers and the room were lovely. Okay, so the Victorians didn’t have electrical switches, but this is just nit-picking. And another nit-pick is, of course, that Lola’s bottom was not being unblemished at the start, but this just makes me wonder what exactly she was getting up to with groom.

    But I think what really made this video was the acting. Lola’s slightly giggly nervousness and the feeling she was genuinely contrite at having let down Ma’am. And the feeling that Ma’am was acting out of a genuine concern for Lola’s welfare and her future. With some subtle hints that Ma’am rather relished administering the tawse, and a darker touch with the idea that Lola will one day be “presented to a suitable young man” of Ma’am’s choosing. I enjoyed the hint of sapphism at Ma’am checking Lola’s buttocks at the twelve stroke mark. And the matter-of-fact way Ma’am announced, “Now you’re going to be whipped” and her pronounciation of the word, “Bottom.”


    One question though, no mention was made of Lola’s ethnic heritage. It didn’t change how great this video was, but I’m just wondering why?

    1. Thank you for your comment! It’s lovely to see that this film is still being enjoyed 10 years later. I really enjoy making Victorian/Edwardian films – sometimes we go for period-accurate down to the smallest details that our budget allows, and sometimes more inspired by the era.
      Lola is a very talented actor, and her career in the years since this film shows it! She was a pleasure to perform alongside.
      As for her skin colour, there were plenty of Black and mixed race people living in England in that period so I don’t know why it would need mentioning.

      1. Thank you for your reply to my comment. As I said before The Scholarship Girl is a great piece of spanking erotica. And Lola Marie has done well for herself.

        And thank you also for answering my question and that’s a perfectly good reason.

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