Mrs Smith’s Method – Behind the Scenes

Film (32:06) with 12 photographs
Adele Haze, dressed as a Victorian maid looks at a naked Amelia Jane Rutherford

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Mrs Smith’s Method (2017) was a magnificent piece of historical spanking cinema featuring four stars of the UK spanking scene (Pandora Blake, Molly Malone, Adele Haze and Amelia Jane Rutherford). Based, somewhat loosely, on accounts of a real-life Victorian schoolma'am who was over-fond of birching her unruly charges, it tells the tale of ungovernable, intractable Millicent, whose ineffectual mama hands her over to Mrs Smith to be taught a thorough lesson. Now you can get a closer look at what went on during the making of that film – along with a clear demonstration of both the levels of negotiation and consent that are central to the Dreams of Spanking ethos, and the amount of fun all the participants have on set.

As Mrs Smith’s Method involves some pretty heavy corporal punishment, with an emphasis on pain rather than pleasure, seeing the cast and crew laughing and chattering together and taking great care of one another between whacks makes it obvious that everyone’s there to have a good time as well as to make a great film. Lovers of hard domestic discipline and severe femdom will undoubtedly have enjoyed the original, but there’s something reassuring about such clear proof that it was ethically made, and due consideration was given to all concerned.

There’s a lovely little section about just how they achieved the frankly scary climactic birching of Amelia Jane without doing her beautiful bottom unnecessary damage – especially given that Amelia Jane still has a tawsing coming from her mama. Molly Malone’s creepy religious-nut persona (when she’s in role) is nicely offset by seeing her giggle over her lines and hug her co-stars in between takes.

The accompanying set of still photos also provides an enjoyable juxtaposition of strict Victorian corporal punishment and anachronistic mugs of coffee, along with a glimpse or two of out-of-character underwear. If you want to know more about how to produce great historical spanking porn, this is an excellent place to start.

An enticing glimpse into the making of Mrs Smith’s Method, the most ambitious spanking film we've made to date. Unmissable for lovers of corsetry, severe punishment, spanking and birching.

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7 Responses

  1. Very entertaining, informative and educational! This scene gives an insight into what it takes to make a good narrative spanking video, the challenges of dealing with a complex script, getting the lighting and colour balance right, ensuring the spankee is looked after and the fun you all had in bringing these four interesting characters to life. Thank you for sharing these outtakes.

  2. Do you feel empowered — with everyone doing what you tell them to do? Or do you feel nervous, with a limited amount of time to get everything done? Or some combination, or something else?

  3. Thanks for your comment, I’m really glad you enjoyed the making of video! I think it’s super important to share these sorts of materials, even the bits that aren’t laugh out loud funny, to give viewers an insight into the vibe on set and what it was like to make the film. With hard CP scenes such as Mrs Smith’s Method, it’s even more important. This was a full on shoot, but a really fun one, working with three of the best performers in the business. I’m glad to have this record of the day!

  4. Oooh, good question! A little of both, I think – I definitely do feel sensitive to time limitations, although I put a lot of attention into staying calm and cheerful and not projecting stress when I’m on set. (This is something I have got slowly better at over the years!)

    It is a trip being able to direct and realise a creative vision, more so when it’s one of my own fantasies or a fantasy close to my heart. This was a custom film scripted by a client, so it was less of a personal power trip, and there was more of a sense of responsibility towards his vision.

    I also always feel a real sense of responsibility towards the welfare of performers and crew – it’s an honour and a privilege to be able to direct porn films, and I’m always immensely grateful to the amazing performers and crew I work with for their creativity, presence, resilience and everything else they contribute. I’m aware of my responsibilities towards them, and so on set my attention and emotions tend to be divided between generating good quality scenes, and making sure everyone is well looked after. It can be as much humbling as empowering to be honest!

  5. I have never directed anything, but I think that all good leaders feel a sense of responsibility to those who choose to follow them. Good.

    I enjoyed both videos (both the behind the scenes, and the feature).

    By the way, you look cute in your underwear. I suppose you were probably in the midst of changing costumes, or maybe you thought your undressed colleagues might feel less self conscious if you were also undressed, but I was imagining that your trousers had been taken away as a disciplinary action for some minor transgression.

    Best wishes to you and yours.

  6. If I remember correctly, I was taking a break from the Victorian clothing and wanted something comfy that left me free to move around in. It was hot under the lights!

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