Introducing Lana Moon

Film (11:44 mins) with 12 photographs
Lana bends over Pandora's knee on a bed, with her skirt pulled up for a spanking

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Let us introduce you to Lana Moon, a close friend of Pandora’s who is extremely curious about spanking – and full of infectious joy as she takes her first steps into the scene. Take a peek into Lana’s spanking desires, and enjoy a candid conversation about spanking, switching, blowjobs, strap-ons and more, between two friends exchanging playful spankings. This is spanking for curiosity, satisfaction and mutual pleasure, with Lana discovering for the first time what sensations she likes. (Spoiler: all of them!)

Lana’s adorable reactions and squeaks of delight will have you smiling along as she receives a bare bottom spanking over Pandora’s knee. It’s Lana herself who suggests the wooden ruler – an instrument she has been fascinated by for many years. When you hear Lana’s giggles you almost wouldn’t believe it hurt – but the marks that quickly appear on her gorgeous bottom suggest otherwise.

Lana is an enthusiastic switch, and before long Pandora’s skirt is raised and they submit to some crisp hand spanks and strokes of the ruler in return. With two spanked bottoms and two friends clearly enjoying themselves, this is a candid spanking video to warm your heart.

This preliminary video was filmed when Lana was still too shy to show her face, but she is now ready to make an appearance and will shortly make her debut on Dreams of Spanking. Watch this space!

Lana’s first ever proper spanking film shoot is taking place next week – and we’re accepting custom requests. If you’d like to send us a scenario to film, we would love to make your fantasy a reality.

Pandora Blake introduces her friend Lana Moon to the world of spanking – and the stingy feel of the wooden ruler. Discover Lana’s kinky desires as she prepares for her first spanking film shoot.

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6 Responses

  1. Wonderfully relaxed and intimate conversation girls. Lana, you seem like a bubbly bundle of fun and have a lovely bottom. Pandora, its always a special moment when your skirt gets raised!

  2. A bubbly bundle of fun is a great description! Thanks for the comment Ben, I do like getting my bare bum in the air so that’s a lovely piece of serendipity 😉

  3. Thanks, it’s so fun receiving people’s requests! Are you tempted to order one yourself?

  4. The giggling was so infectious, I found myself giggling along with you both! But somehow I don’t think I’ll be doing that in a few weeks time . . .

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