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The spanking fetish is all about the details.

The spanking fetish is all about the details.

Sometimes when we watch a spanking porn film we're looking for something simple - just a lovely bottom, getting spanked. But sometimes we need everything to be just right. The position, the clothing, the language, the camera angles - if a spanking video doesn't get these details right, it can be a non-starter. That's why we're proud to offer you your very own custom spanking film, with you calling the shots from start to finish.

Why Choose Us

I’m Pandora Blake - the multi-award winning producer and director behind Dreams of Spanking. I’ve been making spanking films as a performer since 2006, and as a director since 2009. With over a decade of experience, I’ve learned a lot about how to craft spanking films that are creative, arousing and satisfying. My spanking films have been screened in over 12 countries and have won multiple international awards, including Best Short Film at Porn Film Festival Berlin and two Feminist Porn Awards.

Why Choose Us

I’ve been fascinated by spanking and corporal punishment since I was a little kid and first read about school punishments of yore. That early interest evolved into a full-blown sexual fetish. Spanking was my first turn on, and continues to be my most enduring kink.

There’s so much I love about it - from the intimacy and connection between two people exploring pain and pleasure, to the drama of roleplay and erotic theatre. Spanking stories evoke themes of conflict, power, helplessness, humiliation, coercion and personal responsibility. They stimulate strong emotions like fear, anxiety, shame, guilt and remorse - and the resolution of these dramas can help us befriend the shadow side of our psyche, as well as providing much-needed catharsis and release. I love creating films which tell a compelling story, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with you to craft the perfect narrative.

I’ve been producing customs for as long as I’ve been making spanking movies. I fulfilled my first order to a happy customer in 2009 and have completed more than thirty commissions to date, including two feature-length films. Now I’m taking it to the next level.

Mrs Smith's

Mrs Smiths Method

A period feature film starring four legends of the spanking scene, based on the extraordinary life of Victorian disciplinarian Mrs Walter Smith.

Even Teachers
Make Mistakes

Even Teachers Make Mistakes

A classic "six of the best" school caning film with a twist in the tail, starring Pandora Blake as the punished schoolgirl and Mike Pain as the strict Headmaster.

Birthday Caning

Pandoras Birthday Caning

Pandora Blake and Sarah Gregory take each other over the knee and chat about spanking, then Sarah gives Pandora a birthday caning.

In Big

A ritualised domestic punishment of cold caning and over the knee spanking between father and daughter, starring Pandora Blake and Mike Pain.

Just Wait Til
I Get You Home

A very strict telling-off from housewife Pandora Blake, as she tells you exactly what happens to naughty boys and girls like you when you misbehave.

Ms Howard's
Little Girl

Tammy is in disgrace, and Ms Howard's rules are quite clear: naughty girls may not wear skirts inside the house, and will receive a sound spanking on their bare bottoms.