A Very Naughty Boy

Film (running time 13:01) with gallery of 30 screengrabs.
Vee Price bends over and touches their toes. They are naked, their bottom exposed. James spanks Vee's bottom with a long heavy ruler.

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Vee’s bad behaviour has truly crossed the line, and the Headmaster isn’t going to stand for it any longer. This isn’t one of those soft, wimpy ‘six over the trousers and a rap on the knuckles for luck’ schools, either – in this establishment, naughty boys are given exactly what they deserve.

This is an intensely humiliating detention scene, with plenty of opportunities to see Vee’s embarrassment and remorse as he’s sent to the corner, made to strip naked and told to thank the Headmaster for every punishing stroke. By the time he’s kneeling over a chair to write his lines, his exposed bottom is as red as his sorry face.


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A Very Naughty Boy - Behind the Scenes

The script for this film was carefully blocked out, and our performers had a lot of individual beats to hit along the way – as well as Vee’s backside, of course. James and Vee did an amazing job making it all flow naturally between frequent cuts, and we got plenty of great backstage footage. Extra points to Vee for having ideas too mean even for this fictional Headmaster to carry out, too!


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  1. I confess to feeling disappointment when I sussed from Blake’s X post that this week’s scene would be M/M. However, 3 minutes or so in and my cock was rock hard at the sight of Vee’s bare, reddening , arse. James’s manner is sexy too. Well done !

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