Vee Price

Based in UK

Hello you perverts, I’m Vee.

I’m a non-binary AMAB goblin that uses they/them pronouns, but I have no problem performing as male, female, both, or objects who don’t experience gender, but I particularly enjoy play and roles that let me fuck gender so roughly it has trouble walking afterward.

I am a bisexual, polyamorous switch; an equal opportunities pervert who never knowingly deprives themself of pleasures or new experiences and likes to lick every bead of sour sweat from the armpits of life.

I pride myself on my knack for understanding, using, and augmenting the erotic energy and sensual potential in almost every aspect of life, and my personal motto is if you can think it, you can kink it (but just because you *can* doesn’t mean you *should*).

I can (and do) get my filthy thrills from a wide range of different scenes, roles, dynamics, and types of play/fucking, but here is a non-exhaustive list of my favourite and current preoccupations: objectification, degradation, body worship, religious play, feet, compression bondage, edging/orgasm denial/ruined orgasms, pet and primal play, blood, role play (especially horror/geeky/medical), piss, wrestling, nurturing domination and complex/changing power dynamics. The thing that really gets me off underneath all of this is getting people off; creating intense, transcendent experiences, helping people live out their most lurid fantasies, and helping them to access pleasures and possibilities in themselves that they didn’t know were there.

I also have a voyeuristic\exhibitionist streak that can be seen from space, with binoculars, *and* through keyholes, in tantalising flashes, while you kneel on the hard floor, while you try not to breathe *too* heavily. Naturally, when the opportunity to make some lascivious videos for the discerning spankophiliac came along I came right along with it!

And that, dear, delicious, debauched reader, brings me to spanking. Quite simply, I love it, and I have been fascinated by it for almost as long as I can remember. I love the exposure of being stripped and assuming the position, the tense, anticipatory silence that falls *just* before the first strike. I love the satisfying smacks and thwacks and thwips and thuds, from hand and hands and fists and toys and not-toys used as toys, the bratty bravado and whimpering gratitude. I love lulling rhythms and off-beat beatings, stalling blows until the microsecond when tension falls out of a bottoms body, and watching the flesh on their bottom ripple in response. I even love the desolate sinking feeling you get as a cane swishes harmlessly overhead and you realise that you didn’t yourself from flinching… I love the psychogeography of spanking: shame, discipline, injustice, endurance, the conjured can-can knicker-frills, fume of chalk-dust and the plume of flour made on impact with a hastily reached-for rolling pin. Most of all, though, I adore being spanked, feeling the pain wash over and through me, again and again, building layers of heat and contusion and intensity…and taking it all.

Thanks for reading, you glorious pervert, now you can watch me put it into practice.

Vee Xx

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