Better than Battenburg

Film (15:49 mins) with 36 screengrabs
Preview image for Better than Battenburg. Vee Price is kneeling on the floor, leaning back on their hands, legs spread, wearing a tight gold dress, red thong and fishnet tights. Alana Belle is stepping on their cock with her boots, and Clara Hewitt is watching and laughing in the background

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Clara and Alana had such a good Sissy Playtime with Vee back in December that they’ve decided to invite them to their next tea party – not to drink the tea, obviously, but to serve it! Vee is a little nervous to begin with, clattering the china loudly enough to earn themself a punishment. Because who wants a naughty sissy maid?

It’s not long before those pretty cream cakes are all over Vee’s face and crotch, Clara’s stilettos, Alana’s feet…Vee does their best to clean up, getting achingly hard as they lick and suck at their Mistress’ shiny patent heels. Quivering with desire and eager to please, they’re the picture of slutty humiliation in a French maid’s apron.

The two women team up to spank their sissy maid for a while, before Clara tells Vee to turn over so she can sit on their face and put them to work. Once she’s satisfied it’s time for the two women to rest, leaving Vee to serve as their footstool, holding position beautifully as Clara and Alana sit back to enjoy the remains of their tea party.

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Better than Battenburg - Behind the Scenes

Our performers really enjoyed shooting this one – they got so into it, in fact, that we had to work quite hard to keep the scene at a reasonable running time! Come backstage for a while to see Alana checking her feet are camera-ready, Vee laughing as they admit to being “a bit filthy” and Clara simply having a jolly good time.



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End of Shoot Interview with Vee Price, Alana Belle and Clara Hewitt

After a jam-packed day filming all manner of spanking naughtiness we sat down with Vee Price, Alana Belle and Clara Hewitt to chat about the day’s antics.

3 Responses

  1. A titillating, sexy, fun video! But my enjoyment of it was reduced somewhat by a few instances of frame freezing–which required me to click on the screen to get the picture moving again. Downloading the videos avoids that irritant? When shall we be able to do that again?
    And don’t we deserve an explanation of the changes which have recently happened to the site? And who the new owner(s) might be?

    1. Streaming works much better for us and is becoming the norm for adult sites, as we were having serious problems with piracy when everything was available as a download. We are intending to make them available with time, though there isn’t currently a timeline for when that might be. I’ll move this conversation to email with you to avoid cluttering the comments.

      We’ve been working on a new site for some time now to improve the user experience. Any site’s initial release inevitably comes with some bugs that weren’t caught in development, and we really appreciate the bug reports that have been submitted to help us fix those glitches quickly and improve the site. The ownership and management of the site hasn’t changed, I am the owner and executive producer of Dreams of Spanking.

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