Punished for Perversion

Film (16:22 mins) with 51 screengrabs
Alana Belle lies across Clara Hewett's knees, receiving a hand spanking over her white boxer shorts. Vee Price stands beside them with their arms locked in a stress position. All wear period costumes

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Sheltered cousins Alana Belle and Vee Price long to break out of the bounds given to them by their strict governess and their ageing, absent aunt. Alana wants to know what it is to have a little freedom: to take in a show on her own, stride through town after dusk without constant scrutiny and judgement. Vee, meanwhile, dreams of being given the opportunity to express their true self, to find out who they might be in a world where they weren’t forced to present as a boy.

So when Governess Clara goes out for the evening and the lady of the house takes to her bed, the youths decide to seize the opportunity. Alana plots to don Vee’s braces and step out in the guise of a strapping young man, lending Vee the blouse and skirt they’ve longed for. Alas, no sooner have they finished changing than their indomitable governess sweeps in, plans cancelled, catching her charges in the act.

Alana, she decides, must go over her knee: a bare-bottom spanking to punish her as the naughty young lady Miss Hewitt has decided she must be. Vee receives the same treatment, their borrowed bloomers displaying their cheeks prominently – but as the elder cousin and, according to the governess, the boy, they’re to be caned as well while Alana watches.

Sore, striped and with a deep sense of injustice, the cousins comfort each other when the punishment is done – but they remain unrepentant, determined to find another time to explore these brave new worlds.


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Punished for Perversion - Behind the Scenes

Personal taboo is the fuel beneath a great deal of human sexuality, and kink-as-catharsis can be a powerful experience. We wanted to make this film because it’s an expression of the very real, very deeply-held fears that create many people’s fantasies, but it was important to us that we handle it in a caring and ethical way. The governess in this tale is the one wielding the power, but she’s also clearly in the wrong: the two cousins support each other throughout, and their performers were in frequent communication backstage with the rest of the cast and crew.

Making this was something of an emotional release, and the tears in the final scene were real. Moments like that don’t happen on many porn sets, and we’re proud to have created a working environment where we can explore these themes in a mutually supportive and emotionally healthy way.



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End of Shoot Interview with Vee Price, Alana Belle and Clara Hewitt

After a jam-packed day filming all manner of spanking naughtiness we sat down with Vee Price, Alana Belle and Clara Hewitt to chat about the day’s antics.

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