A Long-Awaited Punishment

Film (07:49) with 30 screengrabs
Vee bends over the desk, pants down and spanked red bottom bared as James approaches holding a cane

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It’s been several weeks since Vee’s scheming sister concocted her devious plan to get herself the spanking she so craved, and it’s time to make good on her promise: the Head Boy satisfied her desires, so she’s going to return the favour by serving him her brother’s backside to punish just as hard as he can.

At first, Vee is horrified. He has no idea how a bottle of vodka ended up in his locker, and doesn’t understand why the Head Boy won’t listen to his protests. His cheeks (all four of them!) flush with indignant humiliation as he’s bent over the older boy’s desk with his trousers around his ankles and his underwear slipped down to his thighs. After a while, though, something in the mood of the encounter begins to…shift.

“I don’t care whether or not you did it”, his tormenter explains. “This bottom is mine now, either way.” With a sly smile, Vee passes him a cane.

It’s not long before his objections have all faded away – and whatever his sister was hoping for, ultimately she’s done both boys a favour. Vee suspects he’s going to be spending a lot more time in the Head Boy’s study from now on.




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A Long-Awaited Punishment - Behind the Scenes

James and Vee have amazing chemistry, and the sexual tension between their characters in this film made for some particularly steamy backstage shenanigans. This week’s behind-the-scenes content contains not one but two bonus spankings: some footage we had to re-shoot for technical reasons that was too hot to keep to ourselves, and some final stripes across Vee’s welted backside to give our audio editor some extra spanking sounds to work with. You’ll also get a chance to spot Blake co-directing in their underwear!


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