A Tale of Two Alices

Film (11:21 mins) with 51 screengrabs
Clara Hewitt (The Red Queen) wields a flogger, about to hit the exposed bottom of Alana Belle (Alice) who is bent over a garden bench.

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Alice has been living in the Red Queen’s court, working as a maid and doing her best to behave – but little does she know, her looking-glass double is sneaking around the royal rose garden tonight! When the Queen sees Alice steal one of her infamous tarts, she’s quick to punish the girl: a heavy flogging with a thorny implement made from her own rose bushes, and a particularly nasty paddle to drive the lesson home.

It’s a long spanking, and Alice is left sore and smarting – but not at all contrite. Knowing herself innocent, she takes up the Snickersnack and hunts through the garden. Just who else could be wearing her long blonde hair and her pretty blue dress in the Queen’s court tonight?

When Alice catches up with her guilty counterpart, her first few strokes are a little hesitant. She’s never beaten anyone before, after all. But as the strange looking-glass Alice continues to protest, the Queen’s Alice soon warms to her revenge…


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A Tale of Two Alices - Behind the Scenes

Filming al fresco can bring with it a few challenges, and the audio track for this one had some struggles to contend with. Still, though, the gorgeous secluded garden we were in was setting enough to make up for any number of technical mishaps!



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End of Shoot Interview with Vee Price, Alana Belle and Clara Hewitt

After a jam-packed day filming all manner of spanking naughtiness we sat down with Vee Price, Alana Belle and Clara Hewitt to chat about the day’s antics.

Alana Belle

We were thrilled to welcome Alana Belle onto the Dreams of Spanking set for the first time. We asked her about what she enjoys getting up to with sissies, the different kinds of sex work experiences she offers, and tells us all about the dungeon she works in, Celestial Studios. We hope to have an excuse to film there soon!
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4 Responses

  1. shame about the sound. Interesting paddle reminded me of some of the random pieces of wood some of my secondry school teachers.

    1. It’s a brilliant paddle isn’t it? Vee Price brought it with them, perfect for the scene!

      Yes I was disappointed by the sound too – there was an awful lot of wind noise picked up by the mic and this was our best attempt to filter it out and get the dialogue more audible. I’m not sure how we can (affordably!) improve matters when we shoot outside, but I’ll look into it. Sometimes the audio has been fine outside, but I’m not a sound expert so I’m not sure why it sometimes works better than others! Any sound engineers reading this who have insight to share, I’m all ears 🙂

  2. Yes shame about the sound and the impaired clarity of the streamed image. I love the scene and the performers though—delicious all of them!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you love the scene and the performers! I’ve been in contact with our web developer again this morning about getting some support with making higher-quality video available, and I’ve dropped you an email too. See above for my comments on the audio – we spent a lot of time trying to reduce the extremely loud wind noise and boost the dialogue, and this was our best effort with the tools available. I thought that having less wind noise and slightly tinnier dialogue was preferable to quieter dialogue drowned out by the wind, but perhaps you would have preferred something closer to the original recording? As you know I’m self-taught and we’re currently working without a sound recordist on set, as our budget doesn’t stretch to having an additional operator unfortunately. So we do the best we can with what we’ve got. One of the things I love about filmmaking is that I’m always learning something new!

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