Beating Procrastination

Film (8:54) with 21 screengrabs
Vee lies across James' lap wearing a white t-shirt and a tiny red tartan school skirt. James spanks Vee's exposed bottom.

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It’s been a long journey, but Vee has nearly written the first draft of their PhD thesis. So why can’t they focus on the last few hours of work it needs? They’ve got the house to themselves this afternoon, and they’ve promised their boyfriend James that they’ll have it finished by the time he gets back from town. There’s just one problem: before James left, he joked that if Vee didn’t get the work done he’d put them over his knee and spank them when he got home. And suddenly, our procrastinating scholar has a whole new train of thought to get distracted by…

It’s not long before Vee is deep into their new favourite fantasy. They’d be dressed up as a slutty schoolgirl, in a tiny tartan miniskirt with pretty lace panties. James would pin them down on his lap and spank them mercilessly, scolding them for procrastinating and beating their bottom bright rosy red. Afterwards there would be goals and rewards, deadlines and punishments. Under James’s firm hand, surely Vee’s thesis would get written – and even if it didn’t, they’d be too turned on to care.

Some time later, Vee emerges from their reverie to realise that their draft is no closer to complete. What they have written, however, is a hot spanking story that’s bound to catch James’s attention – maybe if they email it to him while he’s out, they’ll get that punishment after all?


Preview Gallery

Beating Procrastination - Behind the Scenes

Backstage we get a sneak peek into Vee’s lorem ipsum style stream of consciousness – they had to type something to make their procrastination look so convincing, right? Also James’s arm is tired, Vee’s skirt is scandalous and long-suffering editor Lola has all the best ideas.


2 Responses

  1. This took me back to when I used to contribute to periodicals whose letter pages encouraged discussion of spankings. I always adopted a female persona and wrote from the point of view of the spankee. I find my self identifiying here with Vee. I would wish to be over James’s knee haviung my bottom soundly spanked. Whereas, when the spankee is Pandora: I always identify with the spanker. Complex thing being a spanko!
    Well done Vee & James, and everyone else involved.

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