Perhaps you've heard of the new UK porn laws? They ban porn that depicts things like facesitting, female ejaculation, fisting and BDSM that leaves welts and bruises. These new regulations are called the AVMS guidelines, and they came into force in December 2014. Pandora Blake, an outspoken advocate for ethical pornography, has challenged the laws on TV, radio and in the newspapers. Perhaps as a result, her erotic autobiography Dreams of Spanking was the first UK spanking site to be censored.

Dreams of Spanking produces fair trade porn featuring authentic depictions of kinky sexuality, with clearly expressed performer consent. Despite this, the UK censor ATVOD ruled that we were in breach of the regulations. We have been forced to take down all our spanking videos and photos.

Pandora is appealing ATVOD's decision, and intends to fight back. Come back soon to find out more.