Miss Havering Allows a Variation

Film (07:34 mins) with 27 screengrabs
Miss Havering lies over Felicity's lap, her dress pulled up as she receives a spanking

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A young lady’s education is a delicate thing. She must be suitably chaste, of course, but also prepared for all eventualities: she must know what it is to be disciplined, but what of administering that discipline?

It is with such practicalities in mind that our Miss Havering decides to submit to Adele’s nascent desires. Of course it wouldn’t do to acquiesce too far – the tables will turn before the day is over, and no mistake!


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9 Responses

  1. Looks like a wonderful video! ♥
    How exciting it would be for Adele(or is it Felicity?) to put Miss H. over her lap and lift her dress to reveal the loveliest of knickers! Then of course trying out the hairbrush while Miss H. instructs her ♥

    By the look of it, I don’t think Miss H. allows Felicity to pull her knickers down and beat her bare bottom, she turns tables before that happens and gives her a thorough beating where the knickers come down. Adele has a beautiful bum and wonderful wobble ♥:D

  2. Very nice video, short, but a lot of lovely moments. I like how reluctant Miss H., the more she is spanked the more she seems to regret allowing Felicity to spank her! I’m thinking that Felicity will want to find a way to get to spank Miss H. again, perhaps Mr. Thornhill can help facilitate that! I loved her reaction to Miss H.’s exposed knickers. She was clearly quite excited. Too bad Miss Flynn was not there to watch and enjoy it ♥♥♥. I can picture Amelia’s wonderful facial expressions 🙂

  3. She said: …wonder what it’s like to be dominant… I would think that taking away someone’s underwear is a key part of demonstrating dominance over them. Perhaps in a future episode Ms. Havering and Ms. Flynn will both suffer the humiliation of their young friend pull down their underpants.

    1. I agree, there is little quite as humiliating as having your underwear snatched from you! Having experienced it on both side of the equation I can say that for certain.

      1. Miss. H seemed to quite enjoy being spanked by Mr. Thornhill in front of and alongside the other ladies. Or was there a touch of embarrassment on her face just like when she spanked here by Felicity? Maybe bare bottom spankings in front of Miss Flynn and Felicity would be too much to bare(heehee), but I’m thinking Felicity is now having dreams about spanking Miss H. again and maybe saying something like “I think I should really pull down your knickers this time, don’t you think a spanking is more proper on the bare bottom? After all you always spank me bare! “.

        So far I’ve mostly been on the receiving end of underwear snatchings! *blushes*

  4. Not apropos of this video particularly, but just to seed an idea – perhaps around this time of year DoS could make a video inspired by the Czech Easter flagellation traditions. Google pomlázka. Switches decorated with ribbons! Petticoats! It’s hard to see how to go wrong –

    1. Thank you for the recommendation! Easter-themed videos are less common so it could be fun to do something to mark the occasion next year.

    2. Heehee I’ve heard a lot of stories about that….not sure how many are true 😉

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