Custom spanking films

How it works

When you know what you want and have read the information on these pages, send me an outline of your scenario idea and how long you would like the finished piece to be. It’s helpful if you can include your preferred performers, outfits, implements, and other important elements. Once I’ve confirmed your idea is doable, we can get stuck into the details.

How it works in 3 steps:


I’ll let you know if there are any constraints or additional costs we need to be aware of, and we’ll refine your idea together to create the best possible product. I’ll co-ordinate the shoot, paying exquisite attention to detail and consulting you throughout.


You can expect to receive your finished piece within one week for audio spanking stories and solo videos, and within one month for spanking films with two or more performers (after the date of the shoot).

If your idea is ambitious and likely to take longer, I’ll let you know what to expect before money changes hands.

If you ask for a scenario that can be done during an already confirmed upcoming shoot, then we can deliver your scene to you earlier and with much more certainty. Click here to see the planned upcoming shoots.


You can pay via online bank transfer or TransferWise. I ask for a 50% deposit payment upfront once we book the scenario into a confirmed upcoming shoot.

Once it’s edited, I’ll send the file to you by WeTransfer, a free anonymous service which will enable you to download the file to keep forever. Alternatively, I can send the file to you in the post on physical media for an additional admin fee. You’ll be the first person (other than me) to see the finished piece.

Dreams of Spanking retains commercial rights to the final product, and you can expect to see your fantasy published on our membership site in due course. This helps us keep our prices affordable. We will respect your privacy, and won’t name you (unless you’d particularly like us to, in which case we’d be thrilled to give you an Executive Producer credit). We’ve found that custom films tend to be immensely popular with our viewers. It seems that if a particular fantasy is just the thing for one person, it’s likely to appeal to others!

If you would like your video to be exclusive and not published anywhere else, this doubles the price. But we’re generally very proud of the work we produce, so it’s much more fun for us if we can show it off afterwards.


  • Don’t send us a whole script. Save yourself the time, and jot down a quick ‘treatment’ for the scenario instead. Memorising lines is a lot of extra work for performers, and scripts don’t usually work well without lots of rehearsals, which would significantly increase the cost and timescale of your project. We work with intelligent, witty, and experienced roleplayers. You’ll get a fantastic result if you just send an outline and let us improvise.
  • Take your time and send me your scenario once you’re sure what you want. I’m happy to ask questions to help you guide your thinking while you craft your perfect scene. If you send multiple emails changing your mind it gets confusing for both of us, and can make it more difficult to realise your vision.
  • Be honest with yourself about what you like, and ask for what you want! Please don’t censor yourself – I promise never to be judgemental or negative about a custom request, however silly or strange it may seem. One of the reasons I love my job is because I adore the vast diversity of human sexuality, even fetishes I don’t share myself. I know what it’s like to cherish fantasies which I thought I could never tell anyone, so it’s a pleasure and a privilege to feel trusted to bring your fantasy to life. Even if the answer is no, I will always be kind and respectful when discussing your idea.

Report a bug / issue

We’re sorry you’re having an issue – thank you so much for taking the time to let us know so we can fix it. Please use the form below. If you do not get a response of some kind within 1 week, please email [email protected] to check that we received your issue and are working on it.

Please also include the WEB BROWSER you are using and whether you are on WINDOWS/MAC/LINUX.
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