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You can commission your own bespoke download of any of the kind of content we publish on Dreams of Spanking – spanking videos (from short videos to full-length feature films), photo galleries, and audio spanking stories.

All our customs are produced and edited to a professional standard and sent to you by email as a high quality download. For videos, these prices include real corporal punishment up to a moderate level.

Our Gold spanking films are highly sought after, and will be produced to the high standard you can expect from a Dreams of Spanking production. Your film will be shot at a gorgeous location suited to your scenario by experienced camera crew, using professional audiovisual equipment and capturing multiple camera angles. It will be edited by our team of award-winning video editors, including high quality audio mastering, luscious colour grading, and hand-selected music where appropriate. Each Dreams of Spanking film is a unique work of art, bringing your fantasy to life in glorious technicolour.

These prices are approximate, based on the average complexity of a project. Increasing the video length, number of performers, amount of detail, physical severity and the scale and ambitiousness of the project will all incur additional costs.


Audio Stories
From £ 120
  • Audio Spanking Stories up to 20 minutes
  • Performed by Pandora Blake


Solo Films
From £ 180
  • Solo Videos of 10-20 mins
  • Starring Pandora Blake
  • Self-shot with a camera on a tripod.


Multi-Performer Films
From £ 525
  • Spanking Films of 10-20 mins
  • With 2 performers (our selection)
  • Strict limited conditions (see below)
  • Filmed & Edited by award-winning editors


Highly Customised Films
From £ 700
  • Spanking Films of 10-20 mins
  • With 2 performers (your selection)
  • Full suite of customisation options
  • Filmed by experienced camera crew
  • Edited by senior editors with embellishments such as effects & music
  • Executive Producer credit under any pseudonym (if desired)
For a GOLD spanking films

Your film would have to be limited by the following conditions:

  • No changes in scene location
  • No costume changes
  • We choose which performers to use for the scene
  • Fulfils the purpose of our Mission Statement

If you would like a more complicated story, varied scene setup, or particular performers, you can opt for a PLATINUM scene, which will also means your film will be filmed and edited the absolute highest of our standards.


Please note that for projects at any level, additional implements or costumes that you require for your scene can incur additional costs.


If you would like it so that you are the only one with access to your custom video, you can double the price of any project and we will ensure we do not publish it on any other site anywhere else on the Internet.

Further detail scene types

Audio stories – these are the simplest to produce. Just send me an outline and let me know how long you would like the finished recording to be. I will create a character based on your scenario, get intimate with a microphone, and ad lib just as if I was roleplaying with you. Audio stories are recorded with high quality studio equipment and post-produced to a professional standard, before being sent to you as a loss-less high quality audio file.

Solo videos – Self-shot, intimate videos with me getting up-close and personal with a camera. Alone in a room, I’ll perform your fantasy as if for your eyes only. Solo videos can include POV talking, self-spanking with hand and implements, masturbation, or whatever else your kinky imagination can come up with! 

Spanking films – The sky’s the limit! Do you want a simple two-person spanking roleplay, or a fully realised cinematic feature with bespoke outfits, music, and complex cinematography? I have a broad network of talented performers and camerapersons from within the spanking community, who all share the fetish and understand it. All films will be edited to the high standard you can expect from a Dreams of Spanking production, and sent to you in crystal clear High Definition.


school punishment, domestic discipline, sensual spanking, erotic BDSM, dominance and submission, slave training, scolding, tease and denial, spanking poses, spanking talk, nostalgia for remembered punishments (and near misses), slipper spankings, bottom rubs, cold caning, over the knee spanking, judicial birching, hand tawsing, hairbrush spanking, governess, Headmaster/Headmistress, Victorian and Edwardian, period costume, real couple spanking, age play, belt whipping, ritualised punishment, edgy fantasies, consensual non-consent, embarrassment, humiliation, cornertime, real life punishment, clothed top nude bottom, equestrian punishment, POV videos, JOI videos, sci-fi & fantasy, breast whipping, maids, butlers and housekeepers, cross-dressing, butt plugs, bondage, corsets, vintage lingerie, nipple clamps, objectification, striptease, switching, strap-ons hot wax, wet spankings


We do occasionally shoot more sexually explicit material on occasion at the discretion of our lovely performers. If you would like a naughtier film, let us take the lead. When the performers choose their own scene partners, and have control over what they do together, the result is that much more authentic and hot.

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