Book Smarts

Film (6:46 mins) with 24 screengrabs
Preview image for Book Smarts, with Nicky Montford being spanked with a hairbrush over the knee by Pandora Blake

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Running a mobile library can be a thankless task, especially when your patrons seem to have no respect for the books you lend out to them. When forced to make a special visit to Nicky Montford’s home to chase down some overdue lends, Pandora finds that the books are not only late but also half-ruined – and from there on out her temper gets the better of her rather!

Nicky is thrown over Pandora’s knee kicking and wriggling, and the hairbrush spanking she gets starts over her short denim shorts but quickly progresses to reveal knickers so sheer they might as well not be there at all.

When it’s over, both women are a little flushed and surprised – surprised that it happened at all, and surprised that they so much enjoyed it!

Preview Gallery

Book Smarts - Behind the Scenes

When people commission scenes from us, we take our job bringing them to life very seriously! Backstage our performers put a lot of effort into sticking to the script, emphasising the hottest parts and bringing the plot together. There was a lot of script for this one, so we took extra care over it – and the end result was an entertaining farce both on-camera and off.


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