How to (Fake) Spank Hard

Film (6:50) with 18 screengrabs
Willow lies across Pandora's lap wearing a pink dress. Pandora smiles as they spank Willow's bottom

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It goes without saying that we love spanking here. You’ve seen it with your own eyes: the red bottoms, the tear-stained faces, the wriggles and the gasps, every squeal of pain as authentic on our cameras as it is in our bedrooms. Sort of.

The truth is, sometimes even we need to ham it up a bit. If you’re shooting four films in one day and you need to take a blisteringly severe caning at the end, it’s important to pace yourself! So how do we do it?

In this exclusive reveal you’ll learn a few tricks of the trade, watch two consummate professionals dissolve into fits of giggles, and overhear Blake getting fired by their own production assistant. What more could you want? Other than to watch the spanking Willow gets in the process, naturally.


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  1. I believe that part of the reason that this work is challenging is that the reaction to the spanking is more an emotional reaction, than caused by physical pain. I could hit someone just once with a big wooden stick and cause a painful and / or serious injury. I don’t have any particular desire to do that. A large part of my enjoyment is the power dynamics of having the power to tell someone to take off her clothing and present her lady parts to be spanked, as in

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