Paddled and Humiliated

Film (15:53 mins) with 63 screengrabs
Pandora bends over the back of a sofa with her bottom bare, as Kelley paddles her

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Executive Pandora Blake argues herself into a corner in the name of equal treatment: a humiliating punishment with the heavy wooden paddle from her strict boss Kelley May.

After a few too many drinks on a work night out Pandora is left with a stinking hangover, a few scandalised clients and one deeply unimpressed boss. At first she seems almost amused when she discovers that her colleagues were punished for this transgression with a bare bottom paddling; she’s quite sure she can handle anything they can, and it’s got to be better than missing a much-anticipated trip – right?

Her resolve wavers as the scolding wears on and Pandora realises just how serious her manager is. It’s not long before Miss Kelley May has her humiliated and exposed, teetering precariously in sky-high heels with her panties around her ankles as she fetches an intimidatingly heavy wooden paddle.

Pandora certainly won’t be forgetting this disciplinary meeting in a hurry – and she won’t be sitting comfortably on the coach to that corporate retreat, either.

Preview Gallery

Paddled and Humiliated - Behind the Scenes

Take a quick peek between takes with us as Kelley and Pandora rearrange trousers, figure out angles and decide whether a good solid paddling ought to be measured in Metric or Imperial.


6 Responses

  1. I love the ebb and flow of the dynamic in this film as the calm assured boss makes the initially ”cock sure employee realize that this punishment will happen for real,and that it is really the boss who is in charge. For the first time in my recollection I did feel sorry for you Pandora at the end of this one. That paddle did look very painful and I am told the paddle bruises very deeply – discomfort that lasts for days. I picked up on the comment by Kelly the Behind the Scenes clip that she has a very ‘low tail bone’ and can only be paddled low. Episode 2 – some days later you and the boys are having a drink to celebrate that no one actually got fired over the incident. Alcohol loosens tongues and you admit you were paddled too. Big respect from the lads who still carry the marks. They are glad you also go your chance then to get your own back. Own back? Yes they complained to HR who said CP was not a recognised Company method and they could individually visit Kelley’s bottom with the same paddle as retribution. You head straight for Kelly’s office first thing next morning…….

  2. Kelly and Pandora— what a team! I have seen Pandora spanked multiple times, but that spanking is top of the ranking. I loved the preliminary hand-spanking of Pandora’s quim! That flaming bottom at the end is a joy to behold!

  3. I’m delighted to hear that – working with Kelley was an absolute pleasure and I’m excited to release more films with her. The red cheeks at the end perfectly match the red cheeks on my face from this humiliating spanking 😉

  4. I was feeling very sorry for myself as well (and equally pleased as punch with the intense spanking I endured).

    I LOVE that idea for a sequel – the subordinates rise up and get their own back. If you can dish it out you can take it, right? 😉

  5. I watched this whole film earlier this morning before getting up and ready for work. I’m at work now, and still buzzing from the humiliation aspects of it. Awesome! I’m not so sure about the paddle though, it looks and sounds pretty lethal!

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