Kelley May

Based in Texas, US

Hi there! I’m Kelley May -sometimes Princess and sometimes Miss – and I’m a born spanking fetishist.

I grew up obsessed with thought and desires of being spanked (and spanking) and jumped into this kinky world as soon as I turned 18. I got off to a fast start, launching my blog, The Confessions of a Spanked Princess, in 2008 when I was a sophomore in college. I had always fantasized about doing spanking videos when I was growing up, and so in 2011 I took the plunge and created Spanking Princess Kelley Productions. While it may sound fancy, it was really just a way for me to spank and get spanked with my friends and be able to share that with the world more broadly. I always did love attention…

Post graduating from college in 2011, I returned home to Texas where I became involved in the local spanking and BDSM communities. I threw myself all the way in (as I tend to do) and have been running the local spanking party in Dallas, Bottoms Up, as well as the national spanking party, the Texas All-State Spanking Party, since 2013.

I moved to LA in 2014 for grad school, where I began doing spanking education at events, teaching the basics of impact play to non-fetishists, and doing advocacy work in vanilla communities. I then also began working as a top in videos with my friends at Northern Spanking and Real Spankings, having gotten a bit bored in my self-described “retirement.”

After a stint in Boston as a management consultant, I decided to make some changes to my life to find better balance. I began working as a professional disciplinarian/spanker in early 2018 and have loved every minute of it. I moved to England soon after to be with my partner (and fellow spanking video top) Stephen Lewis, and to pursue (another) master’s degree, this time in psychology.

I love spanking in all its forms and consider myself a true switch. As a top I am typically quite nurturing, leaning into the idea of a spanking for one’s own good. However, over the years I have discovered a glorious sadistic streak that makes me want to “hurt pretty things.” I am known for having a hard hand, being a stern scolder, and not taking a lot of nonsense. I tend to reserve my bottoming these days for my partner (we are in a full-time d/s dd/lg relationship) and close friends at parties but can on occasion be tempted to the dark side!

I recently launched a new video site dedicated to my work as a spanking top called Miss Kelley May, and I am active on OnlyFans where I create daily content and host weekly livestreams. I am proudly out to my friends, family, schools, work, etc. and take the role of representing the spanking community to those people, and my work as a spanking professional and community organizer, to heart, coming at all of it from a place of passion and love. I have been incredibly fortunate to have made my spanking and kinky dreams come true, and I want to help others realize their dreams as well.

I am honored to finally be working with Dreams of Spanking! It has literally been a goal/dream of mine since Pandora/Blake launched back in the day. The stories are superb and the attention to detail and production (as well as the ethics) have always made Dreams a cut above. I am delighted to be a part of this wonderful group.

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