A Spanking at School Means a Spanking at Home – part 1

Film (7:40 mins) with 66 screengrabs
Richard is over Kelley's knee with his trousers down, and she is spanking him over his underwear

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McLean’s been caught: he was off down the bowling alley when he was supposed to be in Double Maths, and the Headmistress certainly doesn’t allow truancy in her school. His reluctance to ‘fess up only annoys her further, and before long he’s bent over her lap for a good hard hand spanking on his bright red rear end.

As if that wasn’t enough of a humiliation for poor Richard, he finds himself having to beg her not to phone his parents – to no avail. She’ll be making the call as soon as he leaves her office, and heaven knows what will be awaiting him when he walks through the front door after lessons today…

Reluctant schoolboy Richard McLean has been playing truant again – and it’s up to Headmistress Kelley May to see that he’s properly disciplined for it. But whatever will his father say?

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Richard Mclean, Kelley May and Stephen Lewis

We certainly worked Richard hard on his first shoot with us: we made eight new films that day, all but one of which he wrote himself! Somewhere amongst it all he found time to sit down with Pandora and his other co-stars for a cosy interview chat about spanking fantasies, pain tolerance and the elements of a truly hot roleplay.

4 Responses

  1. I was really happy to see a new male spankee on the site. I’m hoping this will lead to more m/m and f/m clips. I loved your older m/m content. This spanked at school and (hopefully) spanked by dad home scenario is AMAZINGLY hot. I loved the old clip where Michael got spanked by his sexy aunt and then by super star straight spanker Thomas Cameron. It’s still one of my all time favorite spanking clips. I love that you got the straight models to experiment with m/m content. So sexy. So I’m thrilled you’re back and producing again. I look forward to more of your genre-bending sexiness with the male models. And looking forward to part two of this!!!

  2. You will be happy to hear that our schedule for 2021 is packed with F/M and M/M films. The sequel to this film will be coming out this month, and I think you will really enjoy it 😉

  3. Great news. So excited. I’ve been missing your distinct style of f/m and m/m content. Thanks for responding. I’ll keep my eyes out for part 2!

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