Beating The Competition

Film (19:07) with 72 screengrabs
Pandora Blake is spanked on the bare bottom over Becci Belacqua's knee, with knickers around their ankles as Kelley May watches

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Pandora and Rebecca have been working alongside each other for years now, and their relationship as co-workers hasn’t always been easy – especially not given that Rebecca seems to have a bit of a charmed life. She’s such a natural, in fact, that she’s never once fallen foul of the company’s rather unique disciplinary policy!

Their boss reckons this is a bit of a problem: Rebecca’s the obvious choice for a promotion that’s come up, but how can she be relied upon to dish out a punishment she’s never experienced? There’s only one thing for it – she’ll have to find an excuse to get her protegee bent half-naked over her desk, for a lesson in punishment that’s both corporate and corporal.

Rebecca gasps and squirms, feeling sore and exposed and luckier than ever to have escaped such indignities until now. A hand spanking over Kelley’s lap is one thing, but when the wooden paddle comes out and she’s told to bend over for it she starts wondering how worth it the promotion really is…

In the end, though, she’s feeling proud of her fortitude and just as smug as ever – especially when she’s given an opportunity to put her newfound skills into action sooner than she could ever have expected.

Preview Gallery

Beating The Competition - Behind the Scenes

Take a peek at big boss Kelley May’s corporate to-do list (wine and spanking, yes please) – and as a special bonus we’ll get to see some behind the scenes warmup action too. After all, you’ve got to keep your performer’s bottoms red between takes! Mind you the real star of the show is the adorable baby deer spotted grazing in the garden – talk about getting upstaged…


4 Responses

  1. and it does end well.. those bonus swats on Kelleys curvacious derriere.
    Thanks everyone for another scrumptious film xxx 😍

  2. A hidden bonus! And rare to see as Kelley doesn’t tend to bottom on camera.

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