Sorority Shame Paddling

Film (06:03) with 27 screengrabs
Pandora inspects their red spanked bottom as Kelly places the big wooden paddle on the desk.

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We’ve met Pandora Blake of Phi Beta Gamma several times before – but they weren’t always at the top of the ranks. Before them came Chapter President Kelley May, who was just as strict and even more fond of the sorority paddle.

Like the time Pandora showed up to a themed mixer in completely the wrong clothes. Who wears charcoal grey to a Blackout party? And during Pledge Week, no less! Thankfully – at least from Kelley’s perspective – the little denim shorts Pandora wears to their (literal) dressing-down the next day look irresistible once the hapless future president is bent over for their punishment. They look even better pulled down to reveal a bright red bottom, of course…


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Sorority Shame Paddling - Behind the Scenes

After a little bit of input from the continuity department, Blake and Kelley block out their bare-bottom choreography together and work on their angles. Blake enjoys a beating in just the right spot, Kelley manages to figure out the oddly-shaped paddle and everyone agrees that both of their asses look great in tight denim.

(A rare note from our writer: I’d like to propose ‘Yankification’ as a counterbalance to ‘Britpicking’. Also, I did look up Phi Beta Gamma when we first established this universe. It’s a disbanded law fraternity from Washington D.C., and I hope at least some of its alumni would think we were putting its name to good use!)


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