The Gift

Film (17:43) with 69 screengrabs
Kelley May spanks Becci Belacqua on the bare bottom as Stephen Lewis holds Becci's face

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It’s Kelley May’s birthday, and Stephen Lewis has planned a very special surprise – in the form of Rebecca Belacqua, who makes for a beautifully-wrapped present…

Kelley knows her partner has something special planned for her birthday – and she’s thrilled to discover that it comes in the form of a mutual friend, wrapped in a gorgeous glittery dress and utterly willing. Becci proves to be an adorable plaything as Kelly works through a collection of implements; first an OTK hand spanking to warm up, then her favourite riding crop and a thick wooden paddle.

As the play intensifies and the couple take possession of their submissive little pet, the session develops into beautiful exploration of a particular kind of subspace and a deeply compelling dynamic. Before long Becci is completely naked and bent over the bench, taking a heavy back flogging from Kelley with gasps of pleasure as Stephen spanks them. We’re left with the impression that the night isn’t over yet – this trio will be enjoying each other’s company for some time to come.

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The Gift - Behind the Scenes

This scene features an intense dynamic, with Becci as a deeply submissive third party who wholeheartedly submits to a couple’s desires. D/s play like this requires a little extra discussion, and its clear from the energy behind the scenes that the cast and crew were utterly into it. Becci did a fantastic job of negotiating their comfort levels and preferences, and the vibe on set was surprisingly wholesome for such a kinky tale!


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