Show and Tell

Film (17:05) with 60 screengrabs
Kelley May spanks Becci Belacqua on the bottom with a wooden paddle as Stephen Lewis watches

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Kelley, Stephen and Becci have had a long day’s shooting together, but they’re not feeling spanked out quite yet. Kelley runs a popular kink education channel on YouTube, so when Becci is keen to try out some new implements she’s only too happy to oblige.

Before long Becci’s stretched out over a spanking bench, bottom exposed, ready to be taught a lesson. Kelley starts with a leather strap, and shares some hugely informative spanking tips as she goes. Then Stephen takes over for a while, introducing Becci to a wooden paddle that makes a gorgeous OTK implement. There’s a great deal of wriggling and giggling as they try out different strokes and approaches!

Then it’s Becci’s turn: they’ve brought along a sjambok, which is one of their own favourite toys. These long, heavy implements have a fearsome reputation, and we’ve never featured one on Dreams of Spanking before. They give Kelley a quick lesson in how to use it most effectively, and then they’re back over the bench to let her try it out.

This is a candid, backstage-style film, with a lovely educational vibe. There’s an art to spanking, and if you’d like to learn it this is definitely the show & tell session for you.

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