College Dorm Brat

Film (13:02 mins) with 45 screengrabs
Pandora lies across Kelley's knee, their leggings pulled down to their knees. Kelley spanks Pandora over their striped panties.

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Pandora has been thoroughly embracing the freedoms of college life, shopping trolleys and traffic cones included. Long-suffering RA Kelley May might be privately amused by her antics, but that doesn’t mean she can let them slide! It’s time to put this college brat over her lap again for a well-deserved punishment, no matter how much she wriggles and protests. When the usual hand spanking doesn’t seem to suffice, Kelley grabs her heavy wooden hairbrush to really hammer the point home.

But will it be enough? Both parties seem to get something out of the encounter, but the dorm’s biggest troublemaker doesn’t appear entirely repentant…

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College Dorm Brat - Behind the Scenes

As always with Kelley, there were some great conversations backstage as we filmed this one! What’s the hottest way to portray the motivations of the RA in this scene? Which play initiation tactics work well IRL, and which would we all prefer to see thrown out? And are all those cameras actually filming right now?

The answer to that last one was ‘no’, by the way – so we also get to enjoy some bonus OTK footage we took to pick up the extra reaction shots.


10 Responses

  1. Nice leggings(tie-dyed?) and knickers, especially on your plump, wobblesome bum ♥♥♥

  2. Great scene. One of my all-time favorites.

    I do love the brattiness, and seeing an effective spanking that is getting to a young lady and hurting her. The extra part near the end of the behind-the-scenes video was great.

    The relationship is, perhaps deliberately, ambiguous. I am taking the straightforward interpretation that this is a couple and they have both a personal and a work relationship — which they have allowed to overlap. (Having a personal relationship with a subordinate could of course be a serious problem, but it apparently is not for these two characters.). For me, the hot part is the power dynamics: We have two people, and one has the power to make the other literally bend over, take away her autonamy over her own body, and hurt her.

    You have a good point from the behind-the-scenes video about who do not do what they say they are going to do — whether or not they are sadists. I am always very clear — I would like to do this, I would like to do that… Although I never purport to be doing anything for the other person’s enjoyment (other her renumeration). I have found that when they are sitting calmly, being treated respectfully, and being well paid, people will, within reason, happily consent to quite a bit. They are also more comfortable consenting to something, knowing that their non-consent to something else is respected.

    1. Thank you so much! I sometimes enjoy leaving the relationship slightly ambiguous to let the viewer interpret it in a way that is enticing to them.
      You know how important consent and communication are, and never more so than on a porn set. That’s part of the reason I publish the behind-the-scenes, to highlight that any non-consent is purely fictional!

  3. the Brattiness is amazing but then when you have the Queen of scolding it’s not surprising.
    It’s a another masterclass in the art of scolding from Kelly May. Blakes bottom is a beautiful canvas for her to work on.

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