A Visit to the Schoolmaster

Film (11:51 mins) with 33 screengrabs
Pandora sits on a bed in a school uniform, with her skirt pulled up to show off her cock, which she is stroking

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Pandora Blake has a new story to share with you – an experience she never thought she’d get to have in real life. Could she really have been caned by an actual public schoolmaster?

Pandora dons her best-pressed school uniform again for this nostalgic caning film with a JOI twist. She’s had a remarkable experience: the chance to make one of her most deeply held caning fantasies come to life. As she relates the story to you she gets excited all over again, playing with her hidden strap-on and telling you just what she wants you to be doing while you listen.

This masturbation instruction film is an invitation to enter into one of Pandora’s personal fantasies with her, learning all about how she felt as she was shown the Punishment Book and the collection of sharp, whippy canes. Of course, Pandora’s new friend rather enjoyed taking his cane to her bottom – and when she spotted that, she told him just how to stroke his hard cock. Just as you’re stroking yours now, watching her pull her own from beneath her school skirt.

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