The Cross-Country Run

Film (10:31) with 75 screengrabs
Pandora Blake uses the slipper on Emma Christie's bare bottom outside in the garden

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Emma Christie’s found a shortcut to the cross-country run, and P.E. teacher Pandora Blake is left with no choice but to spank the girl with her own school plimsoll.

Entrepreneurial schoolgirl Emma has hit on a nice little earner: she’s been selling maps to her classmates, each showing a few secret shortcuts to the school’s infamous cross-country race. Business is good – so good that her Games mistress inevitably gets wind of it, and Ms. Blake is not amused.

She’s so annoyed, in fact, that she makes the reluctant runner pull off one of her regulation P.E. plimsolls right then and there, and present her bottom to be beaten with it in the middle of the school grounds. During the lunch hour, too – so there’s really no hiding her shame.

As if this wasn’t humiliation enough, once her slippering is through Emma is forced to run a full lap of the playing fields as her fellow pupils look on – leaving her with both sets of cheeks pink and glowing.

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The Cross-Country Run - Behind the Scenes

We love getting a chance to shoot in the great outdoors, and this secluded country garden was the ideal location for a bit of al fresco spanking. Behind the scenes of course was the usual smattering of fluffed lines and camera operation mishaps – but as ever our cast and crew had a great time!



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Emma Christie

Step behind the scenes during the shooting of My Lesbian Goth Girlfriend, with Emma Christie and Pandora Blake. This playful scene was a lot of fun to shoot – particularly as much of the footage was designed to look like a Zoom call. “I’m not squashing you, am I?” Emma asks, still bent over Pandora’s knee while some cameras are rearranged. “Oh no, don’t worry,” Pandora laughs in response; “I’ve had plenty of six foot tall blokes over my lap. You’re fine!”

2 Responses

  1. Oh that is so funny! It’s something I would have done if I’d dared – I absolutely hated cross country running at school – I always came last! But I did manage a 5k sponsored run for charity about 15 years ago – a really proud moment!

  2. At my school, the last 5 boys to finish the cross-country were lined up in front of the field and 2 hard whacks with the slipper were administered to their bending bottoms. Not on the bare of course, yet the running shorts were so thin—it made little difference. Being a fast runner it was a treatment never meted out to me, regrettably.

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