Sensual Hand Spanking

Film (14:04) with 33 screengrabs
Preview image for Sensual Hand Spanking. Pandora Blake, dressed in black stockings gets an over the knee spanking on her red bottom

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This candid spanking film gives you a glimpse into a real life play session. This is exactly the kind of erotic hand spanking Pandora likes best – a long, steady warmup, thuddy hand spanks that really connect with the padded curves of her round bottom, plenty of sensual rubs, and some erotic light fingertip caresses that make her skin tingle and her bottom ache for another hard spank.

Wearing elegant lace black knickers, and hold up stockings with lace and ribbon, Pandora melts under John's firm hand. This over the knee amateur spanking video has no artifice, no plotline, and no acting. Filmed in a private home in gorgeous natural light, this is raw, unscripted, candid spanking for mutual pleasure and enjoyment.

John knows just how to do it to leave Pandora begging for more. Some light percussive taps on the backs of her thighs – and in the most sensitive part of Pandora's sit spot – ramp up the erotic tension, building to a beat that has Pandora arching her back and moaning with pleasure.

When she can't help but murmur "Oh, yes please", John needs no further encouragement to step it up and deliver some powerful hand spanks that really sting.

The spanking builds up to a climax of twelve very hard hand spanks, the camera close on Pandora's face so you can see exactly how it feels – and if you weren't already certain how much she was enjoying it, her mischievous glance to camera makes it very clear.

If you want to know how to give Pandora Blake a spanking that will leave her wriggling with delight, watching this video would be a good place to start. 

Performers: John Phillips, Pandora Blake

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4 Responses

  1. Absolutely delightful! No verbal abuse. nor pretend punishment, is a lovely change. I loved the differing POV’s.

  2. Great performance.The slow teasing build up along with Pandora’s moans makes this an excellent clip. Keep up the good work guys!

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