The Intimacy of Spanking 2

Film (17:21) with 27 screengrabs
Pandora lies across Carl's lap and receives a spanking over their maroon panties

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Having given Carl his first ever on-camera spanking, Blake has another treat up their sleeve for our new performer: the opportunity to turn the tables on them and enjoy the other side of the paddle for a while!

The “paddle” in question is actually a heavy wooden hairbrush, pyrographed especially for Blake by Carl himself as a gift. To help break it in he takes them through a slow, languorous warmup; a thorough hand spanking over their half-sheer tights, then down to their underwear, then at last to their bare, reddened bottom. The hairbrush itself is of course the star of the show – and Blake takes great delight in explaining to Carl exactly how they want him to use it.


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The Intimacy of Spanking 2 - Behind the Scenes

This sensual pair of scenes starring the lovely (and talented!) Carl Summer have given us a great opportunity to showcase negotiation, consent and communication between play partners. This is just as true backstage as it is during the scene itself, with Blake and Carl chatting frankly about what works, what doesn’t, and what happens next. Plus there’s some bonus spanking content where we get to see just how much Blake is enjoying the sensations!



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Carl Summer & Pandora Blake Interview

Carl Summer graces us with his debut spanking performance, and we got to talk all about it after we wrapped.

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