Victorian Strumpet

Film (13:08 mins) with 87 screengrabs
Pandora sits over a saddle with her legs spread, as David leans over her with a riding crop resting against one bare breast

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Pandora Blake is in a lascivious mood as she awaits her next client, and bawdy house owner David Oak is only too happy to take advantage of it.

The smell of leather and the peccadilloes of a recent john have brought out Pandora’s lustful side – and Mr Oak is determined that she be brought to task. After all, a bosom put so wantonly on display is just begging to be played with!

As she sits astride the gleaming saddle, he takes his riding crop to her breasts. She’s snarky and sassy as they trade quips, of course – but ultimately she submits to his discipline, and soon finds herself bent forward in a truly compromising position.

She might tell her stern employer that it’s not his thrashing she’s interested in, but from the way she chooses to polish up the saddle once he leaves we’re not quite so sure!

Preview Gallery

Victorian Strumpet - Behind the Scenes

There’s plenty to be wrangled in this week’s backstage footage: imaginary clients, co-ordinated facemasks and a saddle that doesn’t always want to stay put! We’ll also get to see some of the nuts and bolts of shooting porn when your crew becomes your cast, and a great deal more of Pandora’s gorgeous decolletage.


3 Responses

  1. Pandora, you were right! I do love this! I was trying to guess if it was a sequel to something I had seen before or something new, and I didn’t think about the Equestrian Pleasures scene. But I’m glad to see there’s more of it, and more yet to come! I can’t wait!

  2. There is indeed more to come, I think you will love the third instalment of this trilogy x

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