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Pandora holds a strap and stares into camera, with other implements hanging up in the background

Pandora Blake dons a tight pencil skirt and a pair of gorgeous seamed stockings for this sumptuous femdom photogallery that leaves you with a perfect mental image of what might happen next.

You’re on your knees. Pandora is in front of you, leather strap in hand, a wicked gleam in her eyes. You know exactly what’s coming – but you know too that she’s going to make you wait for it.

She turns her back to you for a moment, peruses the rack of toys behind her. Her stocking seams are perfectly straight and from down on the floor you can almost see up her tight, figure-hugging pencil skirt. You feel your heart begin to race, skin already tingling at the thought of the well-spanked bottom you’ll have when she’s done with you.

This image gallery is replete with sensuality, a beautiful collection of sexy photos designed to get you picturing what happens next. Just what does Pandora have planned for you today? How long do you think she’ll make you wait for the first sting of that cane?


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  1. This is an amazing photo shoot. IMHO it containers two of the sexiest shots ever taken of Pandora!

  2. Thank you Ben! I’m loving reading your comments as you explore the site. I’d love to know which photos you’d pick out!

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