Equestrian Pleasures

Film (13:01 mins) with 9 screengrabs
Pandora sits on the saddle in a corset, holding the riding crop against her bare breasts

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Bold, bawdy Pandora Blake takes us through the full gamut of her equestrian pleasures this week – the saddle, the riding crop, and maybe even the groom himself!

Pandora has a moment’s rest between clients, and she’s got a shocking story to share with us while she takes her break. She’s recently had the pleasure of befriending a groom who works in one of the big houses in town, and what a pleasure it turned out to be.

She’s always been curious about horses, you see. She’s long thought it might be rather erotic, to be straddling a fine leather saddle as a broad, strong beast moves powerfully between her thighs. And that’s not the only thing that’s fantastical about horses, is it? After all, she’s always been curious about how a riding crop might feel turned on her own skin…

This lush film promises in its content note to feature “lascivious behaviour with a leather saddle”, and it certainly does not disappoint.

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3 Responses

  1. An excellent film Pandora.Love the senuous enthusiasm and the costume. Those transparent French Knickers are amazing and seeing them come down – one of the best barings of your bum – ever!

  2. This might be my favourite comment title of all time.

    I’ve bared my bum more times than I can count as you know, so this is high praise indeed! So glad you liked it x

  3. I would have been very happy to help use the crop on your bare bottom if I had been there! I would have found that extremely enjoyable, and I think you would have too!

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