My Heaviest Bathbrush

Film (06:45 mins) with 18 screengrabs
Pandora bends over and looks back at you, holding a bathbrush ready to use on their bare exposed bottom.

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At the end of a client session, Blake finds themself wanting an even more thorough spanking – and without anyone on hand to give them what they need, they’ll have to go it alone! They’re still wearing the silky negligee and lace-topped stockings they put on for their client, so it’s incredibly easy to slip up their satin hemline and pull down their gorgeous knickers.

After a bit of a warmup with their hand and a leather paddle, they reach for an old favourite: the hardest, heaviest bathbrush they own. After a series of firm self-administered whacks from that, Blake is sore, flushed and thoroughly satisfied.


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4 Responses

    1. Playing with myself is so fun, because I know my exact limits and how to communicate with myself! Means I can dish out the hard spankings I’ve been craving xx

  1. An excellent film that had me reaching for my wallet straight away.
    I bought it on C4S having first found it there.
    Was intrigued by the banded screen view format (bands each side)indicating
    perhaps it had been shot on a Mobile?
    If so then Mobiles now certainly have come a long way in high quality sharp capabilities!
    I do hope so as the better mobile photography gets the more likelihood good quality amateur
    productions will be made.
    Very well done a great addition to the library of big beaten bare bum beauties as I like to think of it!

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