My Submissive Sex Fantasy

Film (11:21) with 9 screengrabs
Pandora Blake lays back on the bed, naked from the waist down, legs spread as they lick their finger

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Pandora’s been on set shooting some new content for us – but there were no spankings for her in the scene she filmed today, and now she’s back home she wishes she’d been beaten. She’s so turned on and frustrated that she takes matters into her own hands, self-spanking for the camera as she talks the viewer through what she wants them to do to her. 

Her fantasy is so vivid: a deep desire to be left marked and sore, touching herself through the stinging blows as she begs her partner to let her come. By the end she’s exposed, half-naked, with a red bottom and an aching pussy, satiated by her on-screen orgasm and dreaming of a firm hand holding a biting cane.

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4 Responses

  1. If i was lucky enough to be with you: You would be my Granddaughter, who somehow has managed to get to adulthood, without having her bottom spanked. On this occasion you have come to borrow money yet again, this time I say no, you throw a awful tantrum , you are not used to being told no. Finally I decide too do what, I have only thought about, I pull you over my lap, pull your leggings down, your thong leaves your bottom cheeks fully exposed and give you a throughly deserved bare bottom spanking x

  2. This is a very hot scenario that could make an amazing session or film. Perhaps something we could explore together 😉

  3. This is a scenario I find very appealing, a brat getting her comeuppance, just where nature intended! A long frustrated Grandfather, finally getting to see her squirming bottom turning red under his spanks, after years of eye rolling, foot stamping, head tossing, brattiness

  4. Pandora’s bottom baring technique is simply the best! That is all.

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