Mooning Around

Film (21:19) with 78 screengrabs
Lana Moon is getting spanked over David Oak's knee as Pandora Blake watches, her red, spanked bottom on display

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It’s been a long, lonely lockdown – but Lana and Pandora are finally out at a party, getting a chance to flirt, flooze and flutter to their heart’s content. Or that was the plan, anyway; sadly it turns out Uncle David’s sophisticated soiree isn’t quite the night on the tiles they’d been hoping for.

Before long the girls tire of scandalising their fellow guests with thinly-veiled innuendo, and start hunting for something a little more their speed. Minutes later they’re tipsily lifting their skirts at the garden window, giggling together at their own boldness (and at their shocking lack of underwear). Whatever would the roomful of crumbling biddies next door think?

It’s all fun and games until Pandora’s uncle catches them in the act – and given that he’s the one paying her generous allowance, she’ll have to make up for her naughtiness somehow if she doesn’t want to go without for a few months. And just as the bars are opening back up, too!

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Mooning Around - Behind the Scenes

Pandora needs to be welt-free by tomorrow, so there’s some negotiation to be done about which cane is used and how many strokes are doled out – with Lana winding up getting a few extra to make up for it! Meanwhile, David’s looking for his mask – shooting mid-pandemic is not without its complications, after all.


10 Responses

  1. Two beautiful bottoms turned into two magnificent bottoms with the application of hand and cane

  2. I love the contrasting reds: Pandora’s strawberry and cream; Lana’s Tequila sunset xx

  3. Utterly perfect. A fantastic scene really evoked some wonderful memories. I love this to the moon and back. You are both completely amazing. Thank you.

  4. I do love seeing sophisticated, confident and beautiful women being made to bend over and submit their bottoms to be punished.

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