Enter Mr Thornhill

Film (10:02 mins) with 30 screengrabs
Amelia, Pandora and Adele bed over the dinner table, skirts pulled up and panties on show as Richard prepares to use a leather paddle on their bottoms.

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Miss Flynn and Felicity are getting used to the stinging rigours of life in Miss Havering’s house, but they’ve yet to meet her mysterious gentleman caller. That all changes one sunny August day, when Mr. Thornhill himself arrives to see to the particulars (and the posteriors) of his lady friend and her charges.

Even in the school holidays, every day with Miss Havering is an education – so how will Miss Flynn and Felicity react to finally seeing Miss Havering herself thrown over a lap, and to discovering what it’s like to be spanked by a man?


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8 Responses

  1. Just had to watch the lovely but stern Miss H. get a spanking in front of Miss Flynn and Felicity having been spanked many times by Miss H. Amelia is always good with her mixed shock, embarrassment and pleasure 🙂 It’s clear that Miss H. was mostly enjoying Mr. Thornhill’s spanking as you watch her grinning at the other two while they are lined up, a fine selection of knickers and stockings adorning those displayed bums! ♥

  2. Excellent Good Old Fashioned Spanking as it used to be!Brilliant Camera Production Make Up Costumery
    and Performances from all the Celebs Concerned!

    Just a word on the Preview situation-I can only speak for my own equipment and providor -which to be fair is one of the ‘Big 4′
    & is experiencing transitional work intermittently-I am able to receive current Previews though I note the Preview Download’ Save As’
    option has been disabled.This option used to allow opening in a seperate window of any short preview and was generally glitch free.

    However even with good connection and speeds downloads are affected by ‘jerking’,freeze framing’ sound/picture out of sync for possible myriad reasons
    (Codec incompatability etc?)though they are receivable-after a fashion & able to still give a good impression of content to be expected.
    So thats brilliant.

    1. The Havering Collection is a wonderful selection of spanking scenes, I’m really happy that we’re bringing them to a new audience!
      Thank you for your feedback on the user experience. If you’re referring to the preview images, right-clicking should give you a Download or Save As option. If you’re referring to the trailer, we have fixed that issue so that trailers can no longer be downloaded.
      I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing freeze framing and sync issues. You’ve said this has happened with downloads – do you mean that when you’ve got the film downloaded and are playing it offline, that it’s freeze framing and the sound and picture is out of sync? Or do you mean that when you’re streaming the film on the website, it’s buffering and freeze framing?
      For issues using the site you can always hit the Report a Bug button in the bottom left corner to let us know by email and a team member is likely able to get back to you faster than I can via comments!

  3. Yes the latter ie : “When you’re streaming the(Preview) film on the website, it’s buffering and freeze framing?

    Live Streaming of Previews(without purchase) being the only available option now as you say the Save As for Previews having been ‘fixed’
    /withdrawn so can no longer be done.

    The photos are all OK and ‘Save’as normal.

    Excellent ‘Old School’Production over all.

    1. The speed of streaming on the website depends on the internet speed you’re on. We release the trailers on SpankingTube about a month after they go live on Dreamsofspanking.com so you can also watch them there if that suits you better.

  4. Thank You.

    ‘It’May indeed be my Internet Speed.

    Quality has been variable of late.

    I will go check out Spanking Tube-first Ive heard of that option.

  5. Would it be possible to buy the full length production on Spanking Tube?
    Or does the Havering Collection Patent situation preclude that?
    I joined Patreon as mentioned in another message expecting access on Patreon

    “Get your hands on my kinky videos, photo galleries and audio stories as I publish them

    Fresh new steamy content released every week.” (It states this n Patreon?)

    Its easier for payment reasons for me to ‘subscribe’on Patreon than directly with CC Bill on DOS.

    However despite searching Patreon I was unable to find these at all and conclude that I will be joined

    as a appropriate member of DOS instead to which it seems to be referring where I will be then able to log in as some kind of a full member

    of DOS ,able to see hi res stills and even video productions etc as long as my Patreon Sub runs with consequent access

    Would I be right in thinking that this is true to an extent but not actually on Patreon?On DOS instead?

    Currently i am an unpaid member of DOS.

    Its mentioned that a full access password and id will be sent me(e mailed?)as a result of ‘joining ‘DOS ‘via’Patreon?

    With which I will then be able to have deeper access to DOS content?

    Please can you do and or confirm this,as I was rather dissappointed not to find the said material actually on Patreon?

    Thanks Ahead,but remaining somewhat confused

    Its All Good


    1. Charles,

      SpankingTube does not have a sales function. They have a connected site, SpankingLibrary, where this film is available for purchase https://spankinglibrary.com/clipdetails.php?id=43776.

      As with your email and other comments, the Patreon membership at that tier does give you access to the members’ content of DreamsofSpanking.com. As it explains, we send you the username and password after purchase. This is a manual process and requires a team member to be online to set it up. The membership was purchased at 9pm when the team was offline, and as soon as a team member has come online this morning they have reached out to you. You will shortly receive confirmation of your DoS membership, which will be valid for the lifetime of your Patreon membership.

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