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Preview image for Bitch. Vix Vixxxen leans up against a wall, pushing her bottom out to receive the strap from Pandora Blake. Both look like they're enjoying this

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Ms Vixxxen is in trouble with Pandora Blake. On their way home after a night out they start a playful fight that soon turns into a passionate lesbian spanking. Long kisses and gropes are punctuated by hissing words, which swiftly escalates into stinging slaps, paddles and chains.

The flirtatious chemistry of the feisty pair is clear when that they can't keep their hands – or their mouths – off each other. Pandora lifts Vix's t-shirt and slaps her breasts as well as her face, then makes Vix push her perfect bottom out to be spanked against the wall. Vix hits back by talking dirty, and teasing Pandora while she's punished for her cheek.

After turning Vix on, Pandora wields a leather paddle to turn her bottom bright red. With each slap of the paddle Vix bites back, with "fuck you"s that make Pandora beat her all the harder.  

Preview Gallery

Bitch - Behind the Scenes

“I don’t think this is consensual,” taunts Ms Vixxxen’s character in queer power play scene ‘Bitch’. As you’ll see from the behind the scenes video, the reality is very different! Pandora and Vix negotiate how the scene will begin beforehand, and when Nimue calls a cut to get a better face shot, Pandora asks, “Okay?” and Vix grabs her, exclaiming, “Yeah! Amazing!”

Watch to the end – the candid reactions of both performers after this intense scene are not to be missed!


8 Responses

  1. This looks so unbearably hot that I’m off to renew membership (and possibly have some alone time…)

    DoS seems to be going from strength to strength these days. I love it!

  2. OMG, this is harder I think than anything you’ve produced to date with the face n tits slapping which looks so hard n painful, must sting like hell. What an amazing scene.

    Pandora and Ms Vixxxen are both utterly amazing throughout and the on-screen chemistry is very raw and vibrant. I think it’s fucking amazing (sorry for my foul mouth but couldn’t help it after watching this epic film).

    Thank you both so much and hope to see Ms Vixxxen again in the future. We luv you.

  3. I’m so thrilled that this one caught your attention. A post-deadline reward perhaps? Let me know what you think!

  4. Not harder in the sense of more severe CP-wise, but rougher/more violent, definitely! It’s a direction I’m interested in exploring at the moment. And this scene was fucking HOT!

  5. Great scene. I have to say these edgy modern type scenes really press my buttons, or touchscreen.

  6. Much more BDSM than CP, this really plays to Pandora’s lesbian dom side. The face and breast slapping were so powerful. Not to be missed.

    M xx

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