Vix Vixxxen

Based in United Kingdom

Coming from a background of serious ballet training as well as strong Christian upbringing (I am no longer religious!), my fetishes are being submissive, being disciplined, being restrained, spanked, humiliated, ignored, objectified (especially forniphilia) and punished.

Working as a submissive on film has been something I have wanted to do for more than a year, and this shoot has felt like a step I could only take when I was ready and confident enough – which I now am.

It is fascinating that having been Pandora’s MUA on a photoshoot for her (for Dreams of Spanking!) almost a year ago, I now finally have the chance to work with her and Nimue (double bliss) on my first film shoot. Pretty much all my unexpressed fetishes were covered, as well as some amazing photosets and finally getting to record ballet in a fetish context, which has been a long-time dream of mine. The experience was mind-blowing on many levels. It was also awesome to express the Queer side of kink, which there is not enough of and which I want to explore further on film.

The toughest scene on my first shoot was definitely the ballet whipping en-pointe for Nimue’s World, which took huge concentration. I was genuinely upset with myself for not being able to hold the positions better. Which I enjoyed! Reverse-psychology satisfaction!

I can honestly say I have never had a more fulfilling six hours of ‘work’ ever before and it was the best way to start out on this new direction in my profession. Thank you so much Pandora and Nimue xxx

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