Meet Ms Vixxxen

Film (14:00 mins) with 54 photos
Vix bends over in lingerie with her knickers pulled down, as Pandora spanks her

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In Vix Vixxxen’s first spanking video, a latex-clad Pandora puts her through her paces. Ms Vixxxen’s gorgeous sheer knickers soon come down, as she’s subjected to a hand spanking and the strap.

It’s a real treat to be a fly on the wall for this introduction, in which Pandora Blake spanks Ms Vixxxen on camera for the first time. Vix’s taut, perfectly-formed arse grows redder and redder as Pandora – dressed in a wonderfully tight latex dress – warms her up with a hand spanking.

We’re treated to some fantastic filthy flirting, as Pandora finds out how Ms Vixxxen got into BDSM, what her favourite spanking scenarios are, and invites her to choose an implement to be beaten with. Ms Vixxxen selects the strap, and we get a beautiful view of her arse (clad in delightfully sheer knickers) as she bends over to touch her toes, then takes some stinging strokes with the strap over the spanking bench.

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Meet Ms Vixxxen - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the shooting of Ms Vixxxen’s debut spanking video. Vix and Pandora plan what they’re going to say; taking the battery out of the ticking clock; “is this working?!”; experimentation; Pandora adjusting her boobs; hilarious curtseys. “I feel guilty for having so much fun!”,Ms Vixxxen polishes Pandora Blake’s latex dress while they discuss body image, gender, service roles, fetishists’ attention to detail… and then the conversation gets considerably more random, ranging from glitter, mermaids, and ballet to whale dildos! Meanwhile Pandora’s tight latex ballgown grows shinier and shinier under Vix’s expert ministrations.


12 Responses

  1. Pandora embedded in this latex dress is a candidate to become one of the seven wonders of the WordLOL Honestly you look really splendid. I think since the “Return of the Avengers” youPandora has not used this stunning dress I winder why.It is a real feast for the eyes.

  2. I don’t like to re-use outfits if I can help it, but this one definitely deserved a second run!

  3. Hi Pandora,
    Fortunately you have broken your rule and you have re-used this stunning outfit. I am sure that I would not be the only fan that will welcome “another re-use”, perhaps playing this time a bottom role .

  4. I just joined Dreams of Spanking and find the articles, pics and videos fantastic! I think Pandora is one of the most exciting, sensual and beautiful women I’ve seen spanking in all the spanking and bdsm sites I’ve visited. Absolutely gorgeous ass!

  5. That’s so sweet of you! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the site 🙂

  6. I’ve haven’t dipped into this film before now. I’m glad I have now done so. You obviously gave Miss Vixxxen an enormous amount of pleasure. Great outfits – really fetishistic. Miss Vixxxen’s see-through electric blue panties are divine. It really is amazing how the glow of a spanked bottom suffuses subtly through sheer nylon. And the feel of that material just rasping gently over skin is wonderful.

  7. May I enquire as to the nature of the tattoo Ms Vixxxen is sporting? It looks like a photograph of a bubble chamber to me but I cold be imagining things…

  8. The movie “Meet Ms Vixxxen” seemed to download OK but GOM Player will not play it but prompts for an additional “codec”.

    “Bitch” and “Donna Draper’s Secretary” play perfectly with the GOM software as it is installed on this computer and and no additional “codec” is prompted for.

    Has there been some difference in the equipment used or he manner of recording your videos between these last two and “Meet MsVixxxen”?

  9. I have just tried downloading this video again and this time the downloaded file plays perfectly with VLC player. No prompt for additional codec.

  10. Downloaded successfully this time. No extra codec prompted for.

    The “behind the scenes” video also downloaded and played perfectly.

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