Donna Draper’s Secretary

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Preview Image for Donna Draper's Secretary. Pandora Blake, dressed in a suit, places the cane on Vix Vixxxen's bottom. Vix is wearing a tight pencil skirt

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“Stop talking right now.” Pandora Blake's words are enough to send a shiver down any secretary's spine – unless that secretary is Vix Vixxxen, of course. Vix is proud, stubborn, and certain that she is in the right.

In this queer take on Mad Men, Pandora cross-dresses to play 'Donna Draper' – the boss who takes no nonsense, and will administer a firm caning if her secretary won't rein in her bad attitude. Vix Vixxxen plays the gorgeous secretary with ideas above her station. After correcting her boss's work when she typed it up, she's in for a hard punishment.

Bending over to grip her heels, Vix Vixxxen takes six cold strokes of the cane through her tight black skirt, and is then made to write a humiliating line on the whiteboard to help the lesson sink home.

But it's not enough – Vix refuses to bite her tongue, and continues to give her boss sass and attitude, until she's made to lift her skirt. Bending over to reveal her stockings, and gorgeous bottom through sheer knickers, Vix takes another six cane strokes from her strict boss.

Photography: Nimue Allen

Preview Gallery

Donna Draper’s Secretary - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the filming of Donna Draper’s Secretary. Out-takes and out-of-character chatter as Pandora, Vix and Nimue discuss the perils of being over-ambitious, plan their Mad Men dialogue and negotiate the caning. Vix demonstrates her skill at remembering her mark, and shows off her famous poise (not including getting over excited while bending over in heels and nearly falling on her arse)!


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  1. Wow Pandora the strict businesswoman in pantsuit and her smart, sassy bespectacled assistant in see-through knickers 🙂

  2. Cross-dressing Pandora again? Woah, yes.

    Would like to see Vix get her revenge, and what Pandora wears under the suit.

  3. Sheer genius Pandora! How did you manage to say some of those lines with a straight face? Such as – “You are my secretary. You are a woman. And you are lucky to have this job”. Yep they really were very PC back in the sixties weren’t they.
    I love Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris in Mad Men) and can’t help thinking that if they had included a scene with Don Draper caning Joan Harris, the ratings would have been absolutely stellar!
    How about a continuation of this theme, using ideas from TV shows in future DoS videos? For example, perhaps from a Star Trek scene, Captain Kirk spanking Lieutenant Uhura for failing to notice the Klingons? I’m sure there are lots of other possibilities!

  4. I really enjoyed this, an employee holding her own at any cost, not giving in and verbally retaliating, sounds like me, especially the Vix reply of sir and how it is said 10/10! This was great and I agree with N Craig about revenge, but maybe another more serious attitude breach with Vix. Loved it!!!

  5. I love seeing a woman being ordered to do things (bending over, lifting her skirt, getting into position) to actively participate in her own punishment. Very hot.

  6. I loved how Vix’s character was CLEARLY smarter than mine in this story! Spankees whose fire will not be quenched – oh hell yes 🙂 The knickers were amazing too – she does a great line in see-through underwear!

  7. I think this is the first time 🙂 This was the scene that we were previewing last time we chatted about it.

    What do you THINK I should wear under the suit? 😉

  8. I know John, it was hard to pronounce the words properly around my tongue lodged firmly in my cheek! I was hoping that the irony would be clear and it’s lovely that our viewers get it 🙂

    Oh wow… that caning would be amazing. I am absolutely certain that if Joan was humiliated by her boss to that extent she would then proceed to take it out on the rest of the girls in the office by dishing out some vicious whackings of her own for the rest of the week!

    We do have to be a bit careful with fan homage stuff, as copyright can be interesting… but we’ve always loved to create takes on our favourite shows. For instance, Psychic Interrogation draws very heavily on “Fringe”.

    I don’t see Kirk as a likely top in a Trek episode though really. Too much of a buffoon! Spock, on the other hand… talk about “clinical detachment”. Mmm…

  9. Thanks Claire! Vix had an amazing energy in this scene. I was rooting for her! I’m quite certain that this character is NOT going to have an easy ride through the workplace of the 1960s….

  10. I know, and I thought of you when I was editing this scene 🙂 I knew you’d like it! xx

  11. Ah, the tricks memory plays. For some reason (partly because they take place in the same room), I had confused this scene with the one where you’re in leather and Vix is in sheer blue lingerie, and thought that cross-dressed Pandora was spanking Vix in blue in what I’d seen previously.

    I am torn as to what you should wear, between the laciest of lacy lingerie, and going the full cross-dressing route and be wearing boxers. The former would give an interesting contrast once the suit trousers came down, which the boxers might not – I think for the boxers to work you’d have to strip the suit, shirt and tie off entirely. (If you went for the boxers, you could, of course, having something shoved down there to complete the gender performance.)

    I feel the need to go off and listen to Bandit Queen’s “Miss Dandys”.

  12. Pandora you gave young Vix big whacks on her cute opaque panties ,best spanks from Tim Birthday Boy .x

  13. Female punisher sharp-suit dressed as a man with a firm line in authoritative and admonishing dialogue meets female secretary punishee with jet black hair, super sexy specs, bright red pouting lips and a sassy attitude just begging to be brought back to reality. I confess it’s a classic office fantasy of my dreams. And great re-interpretation of a popular cult show. I wonder how many other cult shows offer themselves to this kind of re-working. There are one or two characters in Game of Thrones that certainly feel like they could benefit from some corrective attention (but in a rather less permanent and grisly way than that show goes for of course!)

  14. My Mac does not stream the last few films. Am I not pressing the right buttons?

  15. Hi there, the new streaming player uses mp4 HTML5 video which is more compatible than our previous Flash player. The Play button is the white triangle on the bottom left. I’ve had Mac users report that it works; if you’re having trouble, drop me an email with more details of the machine you’re using to pandora at

  16. I remember reading in a sister magazine an interview between some models about spanking and caning and one said when we work together we try to make the spankings and canings authentic but take it essy to so we do not hurt each other too much But when we work with I forget the models name she always spanks and canes for real and you really feel it and it seems to me you do not think of saving your colleagues pain but always spank and cane for real is this right?

  17. Vix hates the cane… we were lucky she agreed to lift her skirt! Knickers down might be a bit much for her, it might have to be a different implement.

  18. I don’t know what you mean by “DVD”, but the sound is definitely lined up with the video. If you are having trouble streaming the video using our embedded player, then I recommend downloading either our hi-def MP4 file or the lower resolution WMV file using the labelled green and gold download buttons on the right. If your computer is not fast enough to play the MP4 without lagging or sound problems, then I recommend trying the WMV as this is a smaller file and will play better on slower/older computers.

  19. The spankings are definitely real, and always conducted within the negotiated limits of the performers we work with. If you are curious, I recommend watching our behind the scenes videos – the one for this film will be online soon.

  20. Thanks Yianni! Pop culture has always been ripe pickings for porn – especially with a twist, like this one. I loved how Vix was the mistreated heroine in this one, railing against the system. Her character was a lot more sympathetic than mine!

  21. Thanks for your email, I’m glad you’ve managed to get it working 🙂

  22. I’m definitely gay if Pandora is wearing men’s pants! Lots to love about this video: Vix’s tight skirt and translucent knickers get my heart thumping like a hammer-press! I’m pleased that personal limits were respected; anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of the cane knows that apparently gentle taps can impart a devilish sting. Vix might have played up her reactions more: “ouuuched!” a bit, waggled the sting off her bottom a bit. It’s a very English caning. Americans might have been more demonstrative, in the way I’m suggesting.

    There were one-or-two spanking references in Mad Men. I recall Roger and his then secretary Joan bidding farewell. Roger is holding to ping-pong bats and says to Joan: ‘Can I give you a couple of paddles for old times sake?” A not-so-veiled hint of their sexual play? And there were hints that Don may be a bedroom submissive.

  23. Y’all know that a Boss/Secretary scene will be my favourite kind of role play. And one that references Mad Men even more so.

    Turning into an all female scene was an unexpected twist. So much to love – the outfits, Vix writing her lesson on the flip chart (so hot!), the interplay between stern Boss and smart Secretary and of course the excellent spanking.

    Anytime you want to make a sequel or play on office roles is just fine with this Boss.

    Thank you!

  24. I’d like to see some colourful men’s briefs under her trousers. I like it when men look all tough and business on the outside, but underneath are a bit more soft i.e they have curvy bums like everyone else and even sometimes wear pretty underwear!

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